Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


19. Manhunt.!

"Mariss, I have some black clothes for u, from my sister. She visits sometimes, and she uses this black outfit!" I yelled, since she was coming up the stairs with her things. Tiara and her went to the car to get their stuff. Tiara threw her stuff into Liam's room, and went downstairs, to watch other movies with her love. They were perfect for each other. Marissa came up the stairs, on her phone. She looked up at me and said, "Thanks for the clothes!! Guess what?" she asked. I got into my boxers, to get in my black outfit and said "What love?" she giggled. I just realized how much I love her laugh. It was adorable. As she was getting chaned io her black outfit I have her(yes we that each other with our bodies). And answered "My friend is meeting us here in a week. We invited et to come with us and she had to just finish her graduation for college. She wants to be a vet. And yes, shes the girl that saved mine and tiara's life. Her names Katie." she talks soo fast, but I understood all of it. As she put her black boots on I said "Oh thats great! I can't wait! Just tell me when your ready babe, and we can go downstairs with the rest of the boys." she nodded her head and put the other boot on. She grabbed black makeup out of her bag and said, "were on the same teams right?" I just answered "let's see what happens okay babe." she nodded her head and put her hair in a high messy bun, and put black eye makeup below her eyes. She was so cute. I put my hand out to go downstairs, and she kissed my cheek and we headed down.
Zayn and I got downstairs, and made our way to the kitchen, knowing they'd all probably be in there. Harry was the first to speak up, "okay teams are Niall, marissa, and I. The the other team is Lou, Niall, tiara, and Liam. We convinced them to play" he gave a cheeky smile, and I kinda thought it was cute. He was adorable. Wait, am I starting to like Harry? I can't be. They're all cute. And zayn is mine. Liam and tiara came in the room and Lou said "About time the lovebirds came!" tiara blushed an Liam just kissed her cheek. Niall was next to speak, "Okay basically since we have a huge amount of land, the boundaries are just our property. Jail is the orange van. Each round must last at least 20minso it's fair. So let's goooo!!!!" we all ran outside. Zayn gave everyone tiny, but bright flashlights. Niall ran to hide, which I guess meant for us to hide too. I had a plan. The others were counting and I ran. Fast. I was actually very speedy. I placed first in all my track meets, but it got boring, so I started singing. Anyway, I came up to an area with a treehouse. It was giant. No joke. It was like the size of an actual condo. I climbed up andhid in closet. I locked it, so no one could get in. I turned behind me and turned my flashlight on to see Harry right there. He cheekily smiled again, and I just whispered, "Heh Harry sorry i leave." I was about to leave when he said "Wait I need to speak to you love. Then I'll leave, I know other places." I nodded and I sat on the floor, while he spoke. He started "Look, please don't get mad at me but, I kinda like you. I would never do that to you though. So please. Don't be mad. I see the way you look at him. I know you would rather love him then me. Zayn already knows. He told me to talk to you. So I am. I want you to help me get over it love. Please?" he was being very sincere. I said "Harry, I love you like a bestfriend. Thanks for understanding. My friend Katie loves you and is meeting us here in a week. You'll love her. She's gorgeous. Just your style too. Look, I will help you out. I promise. Cuz ur likes brother to me. I love you, okay?" he nodded and smiled. "Thanks so much. I'm gonna go hide now. Just give me her number and a pic of her an ill text her later." he winked at me and left. The thing was, he went out a different door. Damn two doors for one closet. I started quietly walking around the closet, and I saw a chair so I sat. This was like a maze. Then I heard a random thump. It made me jump I just turned the other way. It was getting closer and closer to me. Ten it finally stopped. I closed my eyes and then I felt warm hands around my eyes. In a hushed tone this 'mystery person'said "123 you're my man aka girlfriend". I just laughed and turned to him. I just said "I'm yours am I?" I said that soo seductively. Just like he had. I got really close to him and was about to kiss him, When I said "If you really want this, you gotta run for it!" I ran for the nearest door out and jumped down. He was hot on my tail, and I saw Niall at the van. Damnit. He was caught. Then I saw Harry, in a bush about to save him. He saw me and I kept running. Liam and tiara were guarding, while Lou was searching , for I think me. Then I turn back to see nobody chasing me. I look in all directions, the I see Lou, Liam, and zayn, all by the car looking towards me. I was about 30feet away. I made a run for it, but ten Lou and zayn came running for me. Liam, of course stayed with tiara, for invade Harry came. I saw Harry get tackled by Liam. Then I ran towards the pool. I jumped in and stayed under. I don't think they saw me. I saw ten run fast past the patio. Lou said "Damnit ur girl can run. Let's go look in the front yard. I heard that cuz I peeked my head up. I saw them leave and I slowly got out. I saw Liam and tiara bcl at base, kissing. This was the time to save them. Before anyone could see me, I went under Harry's car. It was an Audi. I stayed under. Tiara and Liam were on the other side of the car. I could see Niall and Harry perfectly. I saw Lou walking towards them, the zayn. I had to risk it. It was at least a Half an hour. I ran out and slapped my two teammates and said run to the right guys. The. Zayn screams "Here she is... All soaked?" I just stopped. Tiara said "Liam and I don't wanna play. We'd rather just supervise, so no one gets hurt." yea right. She didn't wanna supervise. She wanted to makeout with her boyfriend. Lol. Zayn and Lou started sprinting towards me. I just saw Niall and Harry climb to the top of the van. Wow. I said run right. Whatever. I was kinda tired, but I ran anyway. Next thing you know, zayn literally jumps on top of me. I guess he really did Want me. Lou jumped on top of him. We started wrestling. Harry and Niall of course joined in. We were all screaming. Zayn said "I would rather just go inside and have fun, instead of another round!!" we all seemed to agree cuz we all got up laughing when Niall said "Oh gosh. I'm hungry." we all ran inside and started snacking on foods. After we ate, Niall passed out, while playing video games with Harry and Lou. Lou later fell asleep on harry(Larry stylinson?) zayn was still awake on twitter. My head was in his lap. We had gotten into our sweats again so his lap was very comfy. I looked up at him and he looked down to me. He then whispered "Did you have fun babe?" I simply whispered back "Yes of course, cuz you were there." he got off his twitter and carried me to his room. He layed me on his bed and then got a sleeping bag and late it on the floor. I raised my eyebrows at him. He just said "the guest gets the best treatment." I said "Well I don't wanna be alone." so then he smirked. He stripped into boxers and layed with me. I layed in his arms, and he seductively whispered "I wa hoping you wanted me back."
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