Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


33. Little Things

Oh goshh the girls were being released today. I mean they were only there last night, but I'm really worried. I feel like something bad will happen. I don't know. I'm having that inordinary feeling whereas you feel like something missing or something's not going to turn out so well. It was about 9am. Us girls woke up pretty early, knowing that we had to make sure the house was clean and everything was accessible for the girls because of their fractured body parts. I think the boys are still asleep. I am currently fixing up the kitchen. El is cleaning the bathrooms and Katie is supposed to clean everything else that needs to be cleaned in the house. Okay well, one of the other reasons we were cleaning was also because of her family. They should be here around 2pm. There's a house around here that's actually bigger than this one, and her parents are on the verge of buying it. For tonight, they will be staying here with the younger brothers. Us girl will be going to stay with the boys, and marissa and tiara may do as they choose. I am almost finished with the kitchen. It looks very modern and nice. I felt like we needed to move the vase with an abundant amount of flowers to the island in the middle of the kitchen. I moved it over and then I heard Katie "El, Autumn, come in here, I found something!!" Oh, Katie decided to use my first name. Well to be completely honest, my full name was Autumn Grace Marshall. I never liked autumn though. I didn't think it fit me. But whatever! I skipped into the main living room an sat with the girls. Katie started "Okay so we are leaving around 11ish for the girls. Their family will be here around 2. Are you girls done cleaning?" We both nodded, and I then said "Yes we are done. But before we get the boy up, I need you to know that you will not be calling me autumn in this household!!!" Katie and el giggled and I showed how confused I was, by raising my right eyebrow. Then Katie chuckled "Told you el! She does get defensive when I call her that!" "But why autumn? It's a beautiful name!" I then sighed "I just don't like it. It's a beautiful name, which means its meant for someone beautiful like you girls." Their jaws both dropped. "Gurl, u are beautiful!! Don't even try acting like that with me!!" Said Katie getting up from her seat. I giggled and we all went to wake the boys up. We went to get Liam first. We knocked and he came to the door. He smiled broadly and said in his morning voice "Good morning lady's! C'mon in!" We all entered the room, and we found the boys all laying in his bed. It was pretty cute. We all giggled at the sight of this, waking Lou up. He sat up and said "Gosh, I just ask for some sleep!!" Then el said "So this is where you went in the middle of the night hone!" He smiled and got up out of Liam's, well tiaras bed. He came around the bed and grabbed Eleanor's arm and raced out of the room. Then Zayn got up. He said "Sorry Liam, I was just a bit sad last night and I needed my daddy direction." He smirked and walked tiredly out of the room. Next Harry and Niall starting kicking Eachother in their sleep. It was really funny to watch. Nialls head was at the end of the bed and Harry's head was at the top. They were kicking Eachother for leg room, when in reality, they could just move over. Then Niall popped up, and was still half asleep. He pushed Harry and he looked mad. He didn't notice is watching him. He still looked hot for someone who was half asleep, and mad. I was checking out his phenominiall abs. He was soo hot. He finally found out about Liam, Katie, and I watching him and started scratching the back of his head. He was struggling to find the words to say something. Instead, I just said "Niall honey, lets go get ready now. We have a few hours." He grumbled, still half asleep and he scooped me up and left. He walked to our bedroom. Before he opened the door he said "Do I get a good morning kiss?" I smiled and said "Of course you can!" He placed his lips onto mine and we shared a very bright and happy morning kiss. We both pulled away smiling and he opened the door. He scooped me back up smiling and said "So.. Autumn?" I hopped out of his arms quickly and sat on the bed. I was madly blushing. The one thing that ran through my mind was 'how did he know?' He sat right next to me, and just stared. I cleared my throat and said "Im sorry." I looked down and he picked my chin up saying "Don't be. Autumn is a name full of beauty. But why did you want to be grace instead?" I did not know how to explain this. I looked back down and I mumbled "Autumn is a name full of beauty, and beauty is something I lack of." He replied "Babe, I couldn't hear you. What's wrong with your name?" I turned facing him. I knew I had to tell him. I looked him in the eyes and tried focusing, even though it was so easy to get lost in his amazing blue eyes. I spoke up "Autumn is a name full of beauty, and beauty is something I myself lack of." Right when I said that I looked down. He gave me a horan hug and when he finished he said "No. You're perfect as you are. I don't give a shit about what others think of you. You're beautiful, no matter what. I love and adore every little thing about you. Remember?" Then he softly sang

'Youll never love yourself half as much as I love you,
And you'll never treat yourself right darlin, but I want you to!
If I let you kno-o-ow I'm here, for you.
Maybe you'll lo-o-I've yourself, like I.. Love you. Ohhh

As he sang, he looked straight into my eyes. He was perfection. As he finished I smiled and said "Thank you babe. I love you." He stared into my hazel eyes and said "Babe, autumn, I will always love you more." We shared another sweet and happy kiss, then we set off to get ready for the hospital. Today was a big day. We finally had our girls back!
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