Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


35. Liam and Tiara <3

19 letters. 5 words. Last night was the best.
Last night after my parents left, Liam said he would like to speak to me in my room. At first I thought he was gonna do something or say something bad, but once he explained, I couldn't be happier. *Flashback to last night* "Babe, are you ready?" He whispered not wanting everybody to hear us. I shortly replied "Yes. Now lets get on with everything then." He smirked and he grabbed me and held me bridal style. He walked over to the window and asked one more time "Do you really want to do this?" I nodded, smiling brightly, indicating that I wanted to keep going. He then asked "No crutches?" I replied getting slightly annoyed with te questions "Liam baby, I will be alright. I can walk fairly well in my boot remember?" "Yes babe, but I don't want you getting hurt at all." I smiled happily, letting him keep going. As he made his was to my balcony, he put my down for a moment. He got into position to climb down my balcony, and he scooped me up again. It was a bit slippery, because it had rained a few hours before so I finally started to get a bit nervous. Liam held his left arm around me and he slowly and cautiously made his way down the balcony and onto the backyard. About half way down, he lost his grip on me and I grasped his shirt before I could go any further down. I screeched in a low whisper. He quickly grabbed me back up and kept his legs on the beams supporting his and now my weight. He then said "Im so sorry babe. It's just too slippery out here. Maybe we should just go inside and-" "No babe, I'm perfectly fine. We're almost there. Can't stop now!" He nodded, concurring with me. He tightened his grip on me and he kept climbing. Without looking back up at the balcony, he climbed down all the way to the porch. He set me down for a moment and he gasped for air. "Alright babe. Would you like me to carry you to the car?" I said "Well, if you insist, I mean-" and without hesitating he grabbed me and started walking. On his way to the car he whispered "I was gonna carry you either way babe." The way his voice was, all hot and raspy(like Harry's when he sings).. It just. Turned me on. I couldn't help but smirk. He opened my car door with his free hand and he placed me in the passenger seat. He closed my door and he walked/ran to his seat. He turned on the engine to the car and he drove me to the movies. When we got there he held my hand tight as we walked inside our theater. We were seeing the new twilight. I read the books and well I guess now I'm seeing this! We got our seats right at the top in the back center. Not many people came tonight because most people that wanted to already saw the movie. And plus, this was a mid night showing. The movie started and we were munching on our food, when Liam whispered in my ear "When was the last time we kissed?" I smirked and I whispered back "Hmm, I'm not quite sure. Why do you ask?" He then replied "Oh well, I mean, it just feels like it's been a while since I've felt your lucious lips on mine, and I thought-" I smashed my lips on his.. It was a classic because right when we kissed, the characters on twilight started kissing too. Just passionate and loving. We kissed for a while and Liam had his hands on my waist. He tried putting his hand up my shirt but I pulled away and whispered "Liam, sorry baby but only at home." He pouted, but then found himself his way back onto my lips. We kissed for a while more and then we watched te rest of the movie. At the end, Liam carried me to the car. On the way home, I fell asleep in the passengers seat. Once we arrived home, the bright light in the car caused me to waken. I decided to pretend to be asleep, and then Liam kissed my lips and said "You're beautiful." I tried not to blush, but I couldn't help it. I was madly blushing. He chuckled slightly, saying "I knew you were awake baby. I'm the smart one in the band, you can't fool me!" I smirked, keeping my eyes shut. I could tell he was most likely smiling too, when he said "Oh so you wanna play that game?" I didn't change from 'sleeping' to awake and so he came around the car and scooped me up again. He carried me to the back door. I then asked "Why couldn't we go through the back door to get to the car babe?" He smiled cheekily "Because climbing with you in my arms was wayy more romantic." I smirked and he carried me to our room. We both changed to our pajamas and we got into our bed. Within an instant, we both fell asleep in Eachothers arms, after sharing a perfect little kiss.
*End of Flashback*
Yeahh, last night was a lot of fun. It's about 9am right now and I think my brothers are up. They most likely made chocolate chip pancakes(our family favorite), and they most likely invited our parents over today, which I was absolutely fine with. I wanted them over. As well as the girls and the rest of the band. Speaking of them, I wonder what they did last night?
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