Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


9. It's Time

Tiara woke Liam to help because he already knew. We finished breakfast, then ate. They ended up feeding each other. Cute. If only zayn was awake. We will get to Tht stage, marissa, don't worry. I thought Tht to myself. Then I said, "I'll wake them up in like a few minutes, Kay?" "yes tiara." said feeling very uneasy. She was nervous. "don't worry babe, I'll be here this whole time," Liam saying hushing her and carrying her to the couch. I got the boys up and told them it was important. They all sat and ate, when I decided to speak. "okay tiara and I need to tell you boys something. Liam already knows because of the nightmare tiara ended up having last night." they all nodded. I went on after I got an approval from tiara. I said, "When tiara and I were little, we went to our uncle's house for the summer, when we were four. Our brothers went to wildwood, with my grandpa. He lived in Pennsylvania, about 1 hour from us. On our last night with him he took us to his room and threw tiara in the closet and locked it. He raped me, and threw me in a nearby shack in the woods. Tiara was taken out of the closet. He raped her. Did the same to her. She was in the shack with me. Suddenly he got out a knife and cut our left wrists." we both showed the scars. Years were streaming down all of their faces. Zayn looked pissed. When he heard about the raping part, he grabbed me close. I continued, "After he cute us, he heard laughter. He thought people were near. He said 'I will find you girls and kill you. I hate girls'. Then he left us. I took my shirt off and tore it apart and we wrapped it around our cuts. Then about a day later, two girls saw us locked in the shack. They found a way to open it. We told them what happened. They're out best friends to this day. Their names are Alex Taurino, and Katie yandle. The lived close to us. If they didn't find us, we would've died guys." I let a few tears escape my eyes. The boys all came around us and they all promised to never leave us. Tiara spoke, "Guys we really love you. We're scared. But we will make it throu-" she had a voice cracks from crying too hard. Liam held her close. The boys were in tears. Harry said, "Wanna stay at our place tonight? Sorry, just wanna change subjects. I hate seeing everybody cry." he let one last tear escape his eye. Tiara and I nodded out heads and wiped our tears. The boys half smiled. Zayn said, "love you." I mouthed back the words and slightly smiled. This would all be fine. It was meant to be.
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