Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


8. How To Tell Everybody(short chapter)

I woke up and saw Liam sleeping like a baby. I let him sleep. I needed to talk to marissa. We promised each other we wouldn't tell a single soul about what happened with our uncle. It's just... Liam. How could you keep secrets from him. He wouldn't deserve that. Neither would the rest of the band. I'm gonna tell her today that we need to tell them all. If she's not cool with it, I'll do it myself. These boys would never hurt us, I just know it. I get out of bed and look at the time. 6:04am. Perfect time. No one should be awake. Then I realized that this was the second night the boys stayed over!! Wowee!! They must like us!! I went to marissa room, and opened the doer slowly. I saw them both in each others arms. It was adorable!! I took a picture!! Then I lightly shook her awake. "Marissa I need to talk to you. It's important."
I wonder what she needed to talk about. Maybe Liam. Maybe a surprise. Maybe she's homesick. "Okay hold on." I replied. I got out of bed and put on my sweatshirt and we walked to the bathroom. Thankfully zayn didn't wake. If he did, I guess he understood. "yes tiara?" I asked rubbing my eyes. "we need to tell the boys." she said looking me in the eyes trying not the cry. "I already told Liam. I had a nightmare last night about our uncle. I needed to. We need to tell them all. They deserve to know. Who knows? Maybe they can get more police looking for him?" "don't worry. You're right. They do deserve to know. And it will show that we trust them. Let's go. We'll wake them up at 8:30 to a nice breakfast. Then we'll gather them around and tell." I said without taking a breath. "yes, but you're saying it. You're good at saying things without crying!" she said running to the kitchen, to make breakfast.
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