Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


32. Gone. For good?

OMG we just found out the address to where tiara and marissa should be!! It's been two whole weeks!! People have been investigating. The other girls are all staying at Eleanor's house, because they are all crying and we had to stay out of their house, cuz of te investigators. Zayn and I have gone in to speak to the nice people about the girls going missing. Zayn and I were leaving our house now to go with the police. Zayn and I found a note from the girls, giving a random address. We have to go check it out. Zayn and I haven't stopped crying since they've left. We just want them-- no, We NEED them. The whole world knows about their disappearance and nobody has found them. It's just crazy!! Literally all day and night people are searching, and we never find anything!! Not even clues!! I just miss tiara sooo much and there's nothing in the world I want more than her. If we never find her I don't know what I'll do. No Liam, stop it, you'll find her. Just believe. Paul let us take off work for the month. It's all been very hard for us to go to work, with our loved ones taken from us. I can't even sing. When I try, nothing comes out. I just need my tiara. I was driving to the police station with Zayn in the passenger. "Zayn, were almost there. I promise, we'll find them soon. We can do it." He just looked down and cried harder. I rubbed his back. We arrived at the station and we go into the police car. We gave the investigators our note, with the address. It was quite close to the girls house. We arrived at a tiny cottege. Hmm. A cottege? Well we all went inside and the investigators had to go first. We climbed the set of stairs. They searched closets and found nothing. Then they opened this one closet and we found a dead man that must've hung himself. It was terrible to see. Dried up blood everywhere. Ughh, just nasty. Then the investigator said "My partner is checking his papers. He said the dead man was the girls uncle that raped them when they were young. Now he's found. But we're here for the girls too. Lets keep looking.." Then we climbed two more sets of stairs. We heard weeping. It sounded like.. "MARISSA!!!" Zayn screamed, crying. He ran to the door and it wouldn't even busy open. The investigators cracked the door down and we came to an old bedroom. In the bedroom, tiara layed there unconscious, and bloody. I ran to her. "TIARA!!! WAKE UPP!! IT'S ME!!! LIAM!!" She didn't bare move. Then before I knew it, I looked up to see marissa chained to the wall. Then a bunch of police men running in the room to help her. They took tiara away for the hospital. As much as I didn't want her to go, I knew she was going to leave to get better. Zayn was helping marissa. She didn't seem hurt. Just shocked. Then I saw something crazy. The girl that was going after marissa was getting away. I screamed "DON'T LET HER GET AWAY!!! SHE'S GUILTY!!!" The other police ran after her. Somehow she got away. "Shit!!" I said, terrified. Marissa was taken out of the building and into the other ambulance. Zayn and I ran to the hospital because they didn't let us in the ambulance. We go there and before we could do anything, the investigator came out. She said "I just talked to marissa. I got the whole story. If you sit here, I'll tell you everything." We eagerly sat down. Before she began I asked "Do you know if they'll be alright?" The girl answered "Marissa just was in shock. But tiara may have brain damage. They're looking now. Anyway. What happened was her aunt, aunt Vicky convinced their uncle years ago that he needed the girls dead. She forced him to do as she said and he listened, due to threats. Once he raped her, they changed their names and moved here to London, knowing that the girls were dying to live here. For some reason, Vicky claimed she wanted them dead. So she has been sending these notes to marissa to haunt her. Marissa just gave me her notes. They all are threats. Marissa told me that when she was kidnapped, Vicky made them clean, and if they whined once or even said a word, she would hurt them. Marissa also said that after about three days, tiara decided to tell at her aunt, causing her aunt to go after her. Tiara was knocked unconscious. After that, marissa used her cell phone to record everything that went on. I watched some of the videos he recorded herself. In all the videos, her aunt is hurting her and explaining why she's doing everything. So marissa and tiara have all their proof, so when they find Vicky, she will be sentenced to jail for quite a while." Zayn and I looked at Eachother. I managed to say "Thank you ma'am. Please keep us updated on the girls." She smiled and walked back into Marissas room. Zayn hugged me and cried. At least marissa was alright. I just couldn't live without tiara, so she had to be okay. Eventually, the rest of the lads made it, even the girls. We stayed for hours. It was 8pm. Then Zayn got a phone all from an unknown number. Wonder whom it was..
I got a call from an unknown number. I got up, and walked down the hall to answer. I answered saying: Hello?
Caller: Hi this is Marissa and tiaras mom. We are leaving for London now. We're moving into the house next to them.
Me: Oh hey sorry. That's nice. Marissa is in critical condition. And we'll see about tiara. I'm sorry miss. I just can't live without these girls. If something bad results in this, I'm going to just be depressed.
Their mum: I know, I know they will pull through. They are strong. But you seem like a nice guy. Please keep me updated. Thanks!
Me: no problem. See you here.
Their mum: alright, bye.
~end of call~
I walked back to the lads and saw the doctor talking to them. I became nervous. This was marissas doctor. I quickly sat in my seat. The doctor continued "Marissa is available in her room. Tiara is just being checked on one last time. You may go see marissa in pairs of twos. He walked back in and then the girls went first. Two by two everyone went. Then Liam and I went in. As soon as I saw her face my own face lit up. She smiled and hopped out of her bed. I grabbed her and held her in my arms. I finally had her!!! I never wanted to let go. Liam joined the hug. Then, a few doctors came in, with another bed. It was tiara! Liam's eyes widened. He ran to her seat and stared at her lifeless body. She was asleep. Liam brushed her forehead with his fingers. She woke and sat up. The first thing she said was "Marissa, why am I in a hospital? And more importantly, how did Liam Payne get here?!?!?"
She didn't remember? That just wrecked me. I sat beside her and I told her about us. About his she came to London and was kidnapped, while we were in a relationship. I told her about how she made the best dinners. After I told her literally everything she said "Im sorry, I don't remember. I wish I did. I'm sorry." Tears were flooding down my cheeks. Everyone else left the room because marissa wanted sleep. I just said I wouldn't leave until tiara woke. I croaked out "You only- only h-have a few more minutes to remember your life from the past six months!! You- you must REMEMBER!! Please tiara!!" She looked down and said "Im soo sorry. I just don't. I am sorry." Then out of nowhere I placed my lips on hers, even though I wasn't aloud to. I just couldn't help it. I pulled away and her eyes widened. She then excliamed "Liam!! I remember! I remember when I first got to London. I remember first seeing you as I ran down the stairs! Liam! Baby! I remember it all like it was only yesterday!!" I grabbed her tight and the doctors came runnin in. They all broke us apart and woke marissa up, so she would know. I ran into the halls with a huge grin on my face. "GUYS I GOT HER TO REMEMBER!! SHE'S AWAKE!!!" They all popped up and we ran into the room. Once they finished the check up, it ended out that tiara only fractured her left leg. She chose a purple cast. Her favorite color. For marissa, she broke all her muscles in her arm, meaning she would need a huge cast for her arm, and a sling. She got a blue one. The girls stayed one more night. We all stayed at their house, even though they weren't there. I layed in tiaras bed happy. I got some rest. Tomorrow she was coming home.
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