Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


36. Forever

"Ahhh everyone's gotta love the smell of these delicious pancakes!" I exclaimed, taking my seat next to Zayn and Albert. Ralphie then sat on the other side of Zayn and said "Marissa-- I know you love pancakes, but do you still need to eat four?" I nodded my head up and down obnoxiously, but in a funny way making everybody giggle at the table. Then Nathan yelled "Lets diggggg in!" We giggled once more and then we all dug into our meals. The little boys finished first and were chatting when I said amongst their voices "Okay mom is coming with dad around 12ish an she's bringing your bathing suits(cuz it's mid-June)!" And with that tey all placed their plates in the sink and ran for the showers. Once they left, Liam sat back in his seat saying "Alone at last-- well almost. Zayn, you gonna hang with marissa?" Zayn smirked and replied "Ohh yeah, I can do that in absolutely no time!" Then I butted in saying "And what if I didn't want to hang out with you?" Zayns smirk went into a more sophisticated look(in a cute way). I smirked at him and raised my eye brows a few time before I got up and put my plate in the sink. "Oooooooohhhhh!" Tiara exclaimed giggling a bit shortly after. Zayn just sat there smiling at me. I smirked and walked out of the kitchen. Right before I left though I said "Oh uh Liam?" He replied "Yes?" "Now you only har to get Zayn out of here!" I winked and ran off to my room. I hopped in the shower and I shaved and cleans myself up. As I hopped out of the shower I almost slipped because well I only had one working arm for the time being. I wrapped a warm towel around me and I went into my closet. I grabbed black leggings and a pink blouse that said 'Love Me' on it in black cursive. I slipped on some crazy ankle socks and I brushed my teeth and hair. I took my daily vitamins and started to think to myself.. 'Where was Zayn?' I didn't let it get to my mind cuz he was probably downstairs waiting for me to apologize. I chuckled to myself and I started doing my usual makeup. I then put my makeup in my secret cabinet that nobody knew about, but me cuz I didn't want anyone to take my things. I left my hair down and I ran out my bathroom door, expecting to see Zayn there waiting for me on the bed. Nothing. I said "Humph!" In a high pitched voice and I grabbed my phone and sat on my bed. No messages at all. I tried phoning up Zayn but I didn't get an answer. I started to get a bit worried. Then about two minute later Zayn came walking through my bathroom door. My eyes widened and my face became bright red. "Shit." I muttered. I quickly looked down as Zayn slowly walked towards me and he was most likely smirking at what he saw. He sat beside me saying "Hey beautiful. You called?" I didn't bother looking up, just to show him my ugly and embarrassed face. Instead, I kept my head down and said "Yeah sorry about that! I meant to call someone else! I'll be right back!" I had to check my makeup! He knows the spot now! He was watching me! Ughhh!!! I got into the bathroom and I had no makeup at all. "Damnit! Zayn where is it?" I said running back over to him. He sat me down carressing my free hand and said "Your face." I then said "But the rest of it!" "No babe I like how you look without it. You look so much more natural!" He exclaimed brushing his hand through my soft, combed hair. I then replied "Well If I look better natural, then why did I get made fun of for trying to look natural?" He looked me in the eyes saying "Babe, I honestly don't know, but you need to know that you're too good for makeup. It annoys me when you say you're ugly cuz you're far from it! I love you so much and that will never change, literally no matter what." A tear escaped my eye and I brushed it away before saying "Do you really think so?" "Yes." He replied in a short whisper. I then said "well the tell the whole entire world that you love me forever cuz' love never dies!" He then said "I love marissa Pauline miller forever and on!" I frowned and said "that's me, not the whole world Zayn!" He the replied "you said say it to the world. I did. You're my world." I completely lost it after that and we smashed our lips together and sparks were huge! I couldn't resist this feeling! I've never felt it with anyone else in my life ever!! I felt so happy and Tht everything was always going To be okay, as long as I had him. We pulled away from the kiss, I catch our breath. Zayn and I layed our backs on the bed. I asked "When did you shower?" He replied "Used tiaras. Then I snuck in and I watched you. You're beautiful." I blushed and he held my chin up. "I love you." He said. I chuckled and said "Love you more." He laughed an said "Okay lets not go there! It's obvious I love you more!" I chuckled and said "this fight isn't over and I'm thinking it never will be!" We both giggled and we chatted for a while. Eventually, we came up with the idea to have Zayn stay laying on his back and e would put his feet in the air and I will put my stomach on his feet and then I would magical fly. We giggled and we made so many silly faces! It was a lot of fun! Eventually I fell on my stomach flat on the bed, still giggling because of the previous face Zayn had made. We kept giging for a while and then I layed back onto my back and we chatted a bit more. Zayn then said "You know, I have the perfect song for this very moment." He winked at me and I smiled. He began singing:

Zayn: Am I asleep, am I awake, or somewhere in between?
I can’t believe that you are here and lying next to me
Or did I dream that we were perfectly entwined?
Like branches on a tree, or twigs caught on a vine?

Like all those days and weeks and months I tried to steal a kiss
And all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I pictured this,
I’m just the underdog who finally got the girl
And I am not ashamed to tell it to the world

Truly, madly, deeply, I am
Foolishly, completely falling
And somehow you kicked all my walls in
So baby, say you’ll always keep me
Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you
In love with you

Marissa: Should I put coffee and granola on a tray in bed
And wake you up with all the words that I still haven’t said?
And tender touches, just to show you how I feel
Or should I act all cool, like it was no big deal?

Wish I could freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this
I’ll put this day back on replay and keep reliving it
‘Cause here’s the tragic truth if you don’t feel the same
My heart would fall apart if someone said your name

Both: Truly, madly, deeply, I am
Foolishly, completely falling
And somehow you kicked all my walls in
So baby, say you’ll always keep me
Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you

Marissa: I hope I’m not a casualty,
Hope you won’t get up and leave
Might not mean that much to you
But to me it’s everything, everything

Both: Truly, madly, deeply, I am
Foolishly, completely falling
And somehow you kicked all my walls in
So baby, say you’ll always keep me
Truly, madly, crazy deeply in love (in love) with you (with you),
In love (in love) with you (with you)
In love (in love) with you (with you)
With you, oh!

~end of song~

After we sang I ended up in zayns arms. We totally lost track of time and everything. We didn't care though, and that's what made it so romantic. Zayn and I looked into Eachother eyes for a while, not caring about anything at all. We just stared at our love for as long as we could. We inched closer and closer, until our lips finally met, knowing this wouldn't be the last time our lips came into contact. We kissed for a while. We both pulled apart at the same time, when we noticed something. We both sat up, Hand in hand and we saw a bunch of smileds staring down at us on the bed. It was my mum, dad, Nathan, Marcus, Albert, ralphie, tiara, Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis, Katie, grace, and Eleanor. They all were in bathing suits smiling happily at us. It's funny because I would usually blush at times like this. But I didn't because everything that had just happened felt so right. Then.. The next thing you know, my mom says "I got one word for you two.. Forever."
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