Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


34. Family Surprise

We were all checking into the hospital to get the girls. I felt so terrible for them. And I hope Vicky dies. I wish I could say that I don't hate anyone, but I hate Vicky. For everything she did. If I could kill her myself, I would. She crushed marissa whole left arm, left tiara unconscious for two weeks, and abused them. I will be honest and say that I think tiara must have been very brave to have stood up for what she believed in, knowing the outcome could cause death. I just wish, Vicky never took them. She could have done something better with her life. She could've gotten a job! Like at Starbucks or something! Oh, speaking of Starbucks, we also brought the girls some drinks and cake pops(their favorites). We got tiara a pink cake pop and a vanilla bean frappe. Then marissa a chocolate cake pop, with another vanilla bean frappe. I was holding the food as we hopped in the elevators, well just us guys. The girls are back at the lobby, waiting for the girls to come down. As the elevator reached the floor we needed, we all walked fastly to their room. Liam slightly opened the door. We heard tiara. She was beautifully singing. Marissa was singing alto, while tiara took the melody. They were singing titanium. Tiara sang as if there was no tomorrow. I'm honestly hoping the girls will become singers! They just have to. The world should hear their amazing voices. By the second verse, they switched. Marissa sang melody, while tiara sang alto. Us boys all smiled and listened. Then I saw marissa look towards the door. I tried ducking, but then Marissa said "Oh! Tiara! I saw Zayn! And the boys!" Then tiara realized and she shut her mouth, blushing like a red tomato. Liam slowly walked in first and walke to tiaras bed. He kissed her forehead and said "You never told me you were this good at singing?!?!?" Tiara blushed even more when Lou but in saying "Maybe we could add two more singers to one direction mates!!" Then tiara said "No-- guys this is your thing, not mine. I don't want to steal fame from you. Neither does marissa. She told me." I turned over to marissa and she blushed looking down at her lap. I tried to brighten the mood so I said "Well if you change your minds, that would be perfect! But for now, you girls need to enjoy your Starbucks before we scoot you two out of here!" They both giggled as we gave them their food. They ate and I kissed marissa on the cheek. When I pulled away she looked confused. I raised an eyebrow and she cleared her throat. "Just because I only have one available arm, doesn't mean you can't kiss my lips!" I chuckled and kisse her on the lips, both of us smiling in between. As I pulled away, Niall and Harry were smirking behind us. Harry said "Oh la la! Gettin' some action in a hospital!" Niall laughed causing everyone else to laugh. I swear, his laugh is soo contagious!! Once they finished, we checked the girls out. I felt bad for tiara. She had to use crutches. Also she had to take this special medicine twice a day for her head because of the coma. Marissa only had a huge cast. Liam carried tiara to the car and handed Niall her crutches. Marissa was walking a few feet ahead of me, with the girls, so I came up from behind and scooped her up! I ran to the car and I gently set her in her seat. I whipped her seatbelt around and I tightened it, so she would be secure. She said "Ooof! Zayn! That's kinda tight!" I smirked and said "You want it tighter?" She smirked back and said "No the opposite, unless you don't want anymore kisses?" She raised an eyebrow. I quickly untightened the seatbelt. She gasped for air. By that time, everyone was in the van. Lou drove us to the girls home. The whole car ride, I held marissa in my arms. It just felt so right to have her here with me. I just felt- that when I was with her, I never had to worry about anything bad. I could just be me with the person of my dreams. I honestly don't know what I would be doing if I didn't find the address to Vicky's house. I was holding Marissas hand and we walked up to her front door. Before we all opened the door, grace said "Okay, marissa guess what?!" She nodded.. "I'm having everyone call me autumn again! Niall likes it!" Marissa giggled and she said "Aww yay!! I've always loved that name!" Then Katie said "Oh and marissa. You're family is inside waiting for you. So we all are going to go home. You're parents would like to talk to you girls. It's good news don't worry. Then they may stay over. Either that or go home and see you tomorrow." Then tiara said "Wait, why would they go home tonight, then come back tomorrow?" Then el said "Oh that's part of the good news! Now we all gotta go! So bye!" They all smiled and walked towards the driveway. I stayed with marissa. I said "Text me. I wish I could stay, but--" "Will you stay?" She asked looking up in my eyes. I looked her straight in the eyes and said "Of course. Anything for you." Then tiara unlocked the door. Liam just left once he gave her the crutches. We walked into the house and Liam said "I think her parents are in the main living room." We all made our way there and we saw the boys in the big game area with the cool games as the girls parents drinking tea by the fireplace. They gave us warm welcoming smiles. Marissa jumped right on the couch and hugged her parents. Then tiara came over with the help from Liam on the crutches and she hugged her parents. The boys came over and they all hugged them. It was nice to watch. They looked so happy and reunited. Liam and I were foolishly standing there. Her dad pulled out of the hug and walked up to us. He eyed us down and he first talked to Liam. "Ahh so this is marissa boy?" Liam then replied "No sir, I'm tiaras boyfriend." Then the said "Ohh, alright. You seem like a nice gentleman. Don't make mistakes young sir." Liam nodded his head and he held out his hand for their dad to shake it. Without hesitating, their dad shook his hand saying "Now your friend!" He turned to me and I started getting hot. I was nervous. Thoughts were running through my mind like 'what if I'm not good enough?' He eyed me down and said "Zayn right?" I nodded and he went on "Don't make stupid decision mr Zayn. And don't break my little girls heart." I gulped and replied "I promise I will never hurt your daughter sir." I held out my hand for him to shake and he said "Please-- call me Ralph! Or just call me dad for crying out loud!" He then smiled a huge smile and a flow of relief went through my body and I'm sure the same with Liam. I hugged Ralph or should I say 'dad' because one day, he will be my dad! I looked over his shoulder and his wife approached us. She said "Oh you must be the polite one I was on the phone with?" "Yes miss! That was me! It's nice to see you in person!" I exclaimed shaking her hand. Liam and I chatted with the whole family for a while. Then tiara said "So are you guys staying over tonight?" Then her mum replied "We may go home but then come back tomorrow if that's okay." Then tiara showed a confused look on her face. Marissa was sitting with me and said "Wait. Did you buy that house I sent you a picture of?!?" Her parents happily nodded. Tiara and marissa looked all happy. It was so cute! We all giggled and Ralph said "Yeah, we are all probably gonna stay at our place tonight. Finish the last of unpacking. Then Nathan came Over saying "Can us boys stay here! Our play station is not set up at home!!! Please mum!! Pleaser!" Then her mum looked at marissa. Marissa looked at tiara and tey both nodded. "I'm sure you can stay here tonight. You can all sleep in the movie room so you can party a lot." Said tiara, letting the boys jump with excitement. Then her parents said their good byes and left. I flipped the Telly on and I started watching some random cupcake wars thingy. Marissa joined me later saying "Liam and tiara are up in their room doing whatever they do, and I just made the boys some tacos. Their favorite." I smiled and I sat her on my lap. She layed her head on my chest and i said "You work too much. You need a break." She then said "Im used to it babe don't worry." She smiled at me and I then stated "Baby you're only able to use one arm and you still manage to do all this stuff for everyone. Now you're taking your break again. I will do all you need." "Zayn, I can't have you do that for me. That's too much to ask-" I interrupted saying "Marissa listen, you're hurt. You should be resting. Not making tacos and stuff. You deserve the next month off. I really insist." She smiled and replied "Are you sure? That's a lot to be askin-" "Yes I'm sure babe." I quickly replied, kissing her nose. She smiled as I pulled away and I said "You know, you're really a trooper. You've gone through so much pain and yet, your smile still seems to get more beautiful day by day." She lost it and blushed looking down at her hands. I could tell she was feeling very insecure. She finally looked up and I softly sang "You don't know oh-oh, you don't know you're beautiful." She smiled, still blushing beet red. I slowly put my hands on her waist, and I leaned closer and closer to her, and our lips touched. It was an amazing feeling. Her plush lips against mine. I loved the way she kissed me. Just something about her kiss that was so different from anyone else. I liked it. About midway through our passionate kiss, the game room door slammed opened and in came the boys all laughing. They all laughed harder once they saw we were kissing and Marcus commented "Wow guys! Now marissa doesn't have to kiss the posters anymore cuz she's got the real thing!" They all burst out in laughter and marissa became slightly mad. Then I think Albert said "When will the tacos be ready?!?" Marissa got up from my lap and said "In the kitchen. Come in when you're hungry." She walked out of the room without saying anything else. Or looking back at me. She was actually mad. Wow. Well, I can easily change her attitude if we just talk it over tonight. The boys all ran towards the kitchen. Except for the smallest one. It was either ralphie or Albert. They're the youngsters and I think they're 9 years old. He stared at me and said "You must really like marissa, don't you?" I then replied "I don't like her, I truly love her." Ralphie smiled and sat across from me saying "I can really tell. When she first saw you audition on the X factor, she acted as if she was already yours. And to this day, she still loves you. And you-- I may be younger, but the way you act towards her. You make her feel so happy. I've never seen any guy this sweet and down to earth as you. Most famous guys are the exact opposite. You sir, should be proud. The thing is, if you two ever split, you would both be devastated. So I'm just telling you, make wise choices." I couldn't help but chuckle when he said that. I replied "Well thanks so much little bud. I do love her. I hope she knows that because she needs to. I promise my life-- and I never do that, I will not leave her or let her leave. I need her, even more than she needs me. I love her. Thanks, uh ralphie right?" He nodded fully paying attention. Then he said "Well lets go have some tacos!!" I chuckled and we raced to the kitchen giggling. I got there first and I ran through laughing. Once I saw how pissed Marissa was, I became silent. Ralphie came through the door and noticed her attitude. He gave me the eyes saying 'You know what to do' then he ran off to be with his brothers and the delicious tacos. Marissa started cleaning up. She wouldn't speak to me at all. I could tell looking in her eyes, she wasn't mad. She was embarrassed. I understand completely. When she tried to do the dishes I came up right in front of the sink and said "I thought I said no cleaning?" She didn't show emotion on her face and she gave me the pot. I placed it in the sink, while in the meantime, she started walking into the living room. She made her way to the main staircase, with no emotion shown on her face what so ever. I felt terrible. I ran to the kitchen and I cleaned everything and made it all beautiful. As I was walking towards the stairs, I remember that marissa hadn't eaten yet. I made my way back to the kitchen. I decided to make marissa some soup because I knew she would like it at this time. It's a rainy night and knowing marissa, she would most likely want soup right now. Then I remembered that in my car, I had a box of chocolates. And they cost good money. They weren't the cheap kind. I was going to give them to marissa as well as a get well card in the hospital, but I got so lost hearing her and tiara singing. It was so amazing. So anyway, I ran to my car, being careful not to slip and I grabbed the chocolates from the car. I put the soup on a nice tray, as well as some tea, crackers, and the chocolates. Oh and the silverware. Just no spoons. And I think you know why. ;). I slowly carried the tray to her bedroom door and I knocked before entering. Marissa looked shocked to see what I had for her. She was laying on her bed, she had damp hair, probably from showering, and she was wearing one of my snug shirts and some pink pj shorts. I think she was on Facebook. I place the food down on the side table next to her and she looked up at me, as I placed myself next to her on the bed. She looked at me funny, and then back to her computer. I then managed to say "Babe, it's okay. I understand how you feel right now. But it doesn't make me love you any less. If anything it makes me love you more because you're showing your personality. I've grown to love that about you." Then marissa looked up at me. She said "R-really?" I nodded my head in approval and she slightly smiled. She then said "Im so relieved because when most guys find embarrassing things out about me, they usually end up hating me. But I knew deep down inside you were different. In a good way of course!" She looked soo relieved and I moved in for a kiss. Right before our lips could touch, she pushed me away saying "How did you know I wanted soup? Did you read my mind or something??" She raised her eyebrows and I said "I just thought you'd like it babe. I also got you chocolates." When I said chocolates, her eyes widened. I knew it was her favorite. I got her tray of food and let her eat. I turned on the Telly and we watched some old cartoons, I think it was spongebob(yes we watched spongebob cuz we're cool like that!). She ate and a bit later, she was asking me "Chocolatez?" I smiled and took them off the nightstand. I opened the box and took one out. I put it near her face, indicating that I would feed her. She opened her mouth and I plopped the chocolate in. She ate that one. Then I decided to play a game. I said "Lets play a game! The more you kiss me, the more chocolate you get!" She quickly nodded and kissed me several times. On the last kiss, she pulled away and I grabbed her back for more. We were kissing for quite a while. We both pulled away eventually, all out of breath. Marissa asked "How many chocolates do I get now babe?" I then said "Well you should get the rest, but it's getting late, and I don't want you to have nightmares because the main cause for dreams at night is sugar. So you get two more for tonight. Gotta stay safe!" She pouted playfully and kissed my cheek. I took two more chocolates and put the first one in her mouth. She ate it and then before I gave her the last one she said "For the next one, we both get half." I smiled and slowly broke the candy in half. I gave her a choice between which to take-- she took the bigger one. She smirked at me and I pouted. She hugged me o ce we ate our chocolates. We cuddled for a while. It was about 12:30am. She was half asleep in my arms. I layed her down on the bed, to check on the boys. I walked downstairs in my boxers, and I looked in the game room to see the little guys all knocked out. Then I felt a Hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Marissa. She yawned saying "Lets go to bed baby." She held her hands out basically making me carry her. I scooped her up and walked up the stairs to her room. When we entered, I layed her down. I layed next to her, and I held her tight in my arms. Then she said "I love you zaynie Wayne." I silently chuckled to myself, then replied whispering, "I love you more."
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