Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


29. Dinner and Relaxation


 So when we had asked the boys if they wanted to help our fundrasier for the hospital near us, they happily asked to help before we could even ask them if they would help. Liam and Lou couldn't seem more interested(in a good way). We were all finishing our outstanding meal when Harry said "Girls, you've been doing too much for us lately, we want you to stop. Just stop and take a break." Then Liam commented "Yeah, he's right, you girls don't need to be doing this for us. You know we'll love you no matter what." Us girls all blushed. Tiara kissed Liam on his cheek and said "Aww thanks baby, but we need you guys to know that we don't just love you cuz you're famous, but because we really care about you!" Then Niall said "Well then how about this.. If you REALLY care about us, then tonight you girls are just going to rest with us. Tonight us boys will be here to do anything for you because you truly deserve it. Right mates?" "RIGHT!" said all the boys in unison. We all giggled and finished up dinner. Then El said "Girls lets do the dishes and boys you can all go and watch tv, we'll be in soo--"  "No!!!!!! We told you girls to have fun tonight!!" Said Lou, blocking Eleanor from getting to the kitchen door. She backed away slowly and we all giggled. I said "Okay, well then who's going to do the dishes and clean then?" "ME!!!' said all the boys again. They all carried us and put us in front of the tv and flipped the channels to XFactor. They kissed our cheeks and ran into the kitchen to clean. About an hour or so later they all came back in with huge grins on their faces. They were up to something. Then each boy picked us up bridal style and carried us to our bedrooms. Oh boy!! Us girls all said good night to eachother and Zayn took me to our room. He laid me down on the bed and told me to get into my bathing suit. He went into the bathroom and I got into my red bikini, and brushed my hair out. I put my hair in a messy bun and took my makeup off. A few minutes later, Zayn came into the room, with only his pants on, His abbs were just.. PERFECTION. I mean of course I would love him even without the abbs, but... This!! OMG. He noticed me looking and said "Take a picture, it'll last longer." We both smirked and I said "Are you teasing me cuz that's what I said when I first met you? Or are you just being Zayn?" He pulled me towards him and he kissed me on the lips for a bit of time. He pulled away and said "Lets go in the jaccuzi, I have a surprise for you." he winked at me and carried me into the master bathroom. I should've known. This was the boys plan for relaxation. He opened the door and the bathroom looked absolutely stunning!!! My eyes popped out of my head when I saw the lit candles and the jaccuzi filled, with bubbles. It smelled great and I looked at zayn in awe. I said "Zayn, you didn't have t-" "yes I did. You deserve it. You really love me. You deserve the best." "But Zayn, I already have the best." I hopped out of Zayn's arms and kissed him passionatley. I pulled away and whispered "You're the best, and I have you. I don't need anything else. Zayn, when we first touched, I felt sparks. Now that we're together alot, I have gotten even more sparks spring through my body every time we touch. I never want that to end." He looked me in the eyes and said "Never leave me. I feel the sparks too." I had tears glistening in my eyes. Before one could fall, Zayn said "I love you Marissa, now lets relax tonight." I nodded my head and we got into the jaccuzi. It was the perfect temperature. I sat in between Zayn's legs, and I rested my head on his right shoulder. He put his arms around my waist. He sang in a hushed tone "They don't know about the things we do, they don't know about the I Love You's. But I'd betcha if they only knew.. They would just be jealous of us." He kissed my neck and we relaxed for a while. Then he turned on some slow and soothing songs and he kissed me again. I moved across the jacuzzi and took some bubbles and tossed them at his face. Then Zayn gasped and smiled devilishly. He knew that I knew what was coming next. He smothered me with bubbles and we ended up having a bubble fight. Zayn eventually grabbed my arms before tossing more bubbles at his perfect face. "Drop the bubbles Marissa!!" He said. I kept the bubbles in my hands and said "And what if I don't?" "Then.. No more kisses!" Then I replied "But wouldn't that hurt you too Mr. Smartie?" He thought about it, then smirked and said "Too shayyyyy. I guess you will just have to throw the bubbles at my beautiful face then, and it will be ruined forever." My smiled went into a fake frown. "I guess you're right." I dropped the bubbles and he let me go, only to hold me in a different position. We kissed for a bit of time and I grabbed a bunch of bubbles and sneakily put them on his perfect quiff. He hadn't noticed cuz he was deep in the kiss. After I finished my master piece on his hair, I pulled away so he could look in the mirror after. He smiled and turned towards the mirror and almost screamed. He said "OMG!! I was not expecting that!!!" I smirked and said "Well you never said I couldn't smother your hair with the bubbles. Then he grabbed me and said "You asked for it!!" He dipped my hair in the water and I gasped trying to loosen his grip. He was laughing and I knew exactly what to do. I started to tickle him and he eventually let go of me. I got up and took my hair out of the hair tie. I said "Ahh I look like medusa now!!" Then Zayn grabbed me from behind and said "You're nowhere near looking like Medusa babe." I then whined "You're right Zayn. I'm worseeee." "Now don't even go there. You're starting to get me mad. You're beautiful and you need to know that!!!" I turned to him and I faintly whispered "Thanks babe, I'm sorry." I looked down into the tub, and he picked my chin up with his two fingers. He whispered "Don't apologize, I will always love you baby. Just please know that you're beautiful always, even when you wake up in the morning, and even when you claim you're having a bad hair day, when in reality, you're still my gorgeous and stunning princess." I looked him in the eyes and kissed him again for quite a while. I never wanted to pull away and it seemed like he felt the same. After a while, I went to pull away, but Zayn just came closer and kissed me more passionatley. Sparks were going everywhere all in my body. I loved this sensation. There was nothing better than being here with him. Everything was just perfect. We finally pulled away at the same time and he said in a hushed tone, "Did you feel those sparks too?" I nodded and I said "It was the best sensation I have ever felt babe." He smiled and he hopped out of the tub. I stood up and rinsed off all the soap in the shower next to me. I stepped out and Zayn wrapped a nice warm towel around my cold body. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. He blew out all the candles and carried me into the bedroom. He sat me down on my stool, and went into my walk-in closet. He pulled out my Blue onesie and he took his neon green one out. He layed mine out on my bed and said "ONESIE NIGHT!!" I giggled and we both got dressed into our Pj's. I walked into the bathroom and I brushed my hair out. That soap made my hair smell even better! Zayn came in once I started putting my hair in a side braid. He looked at me and un-did my braid saying "Keep your hair down tonight. I love to see your hair everywhere in the morning, it's cute." I blushed and said "But, I look ugl-- I mean different and weird with it down, and my hair is something I hat-- I mean something I dislike about myself." Zayn gave me a look saying the keep it down or else. I quickly put my hair down and I smiled. He chuckled and we washed our faces and hands one last time. He swooped me up and ran into my bedroom. He put me on the bed and dimmed the lights almost all the way dark. He laid beside me and put his arms around me securely. I went to grab the remote for the tv because I didn't want him to become bored. He stopped me and said "No, sorry, tonight we're cuddling because you're relaxing-- and more importantly, with me!" I took my hand and put it back in the blanket. It was funny how much zayn was cuddling me, he was so close to me. he really loved me. I was in deep thought thinking about if we ever got married. I didn't notice he was starring the whole time. He chuckled and said "Is anything wrong love?"  I tried to smile, and I said "yes, I'm fine.. It just..." "Just?" He said, clearly wanting to know the truth. "Well the truth is, I was thinking of what would happen if we got married.. and had kids. I'm sorry, you probably don't feel that way about me, I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have said tha--"  "Aww baby, don't worry, you're right. I don't feel that way about you. I feel more. I feel like we need to be together forever and watch our children grow and have families just like us. Trust me. One day, you'll be able to officially call yourself Mrs. Malik. I promise." I couldn't help but smile at him. We kissed one that time that night, and we cuddled until we fell asleep in each others arms. This was all perfect. Everything was great-- except the fact that I needed to know who was sending me those notes all the time. I'll worry about it tomorrow cuz' I am in paradise with Zaynie right now. :)


Authors NOTE;

Heyy everyone!! You all enjoying it so far?!? Please stick around and pleaseeee leave your comments below. Sorry for my errors, nobody's perfect!!!(Except ONE DIRECTION of course!!)


Well byeeeeeeee


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