Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


12. Amazing.!

"So tiara are you gonna tell me why marissa won't let me in the room and-", she cut me off and pulled me downstairs smiling. I got a bit confused. "C'mon tiara just tell me already." I spoke, with a hint of sass. "Just a minute, I wanna tell the boys too." she whispered. Why was she whispering?? We got downstairs and started watching tv. Tiara said "Hey guys. Can we go on the porch for a minute?" "Yes, but may I ask we're marissa went off to?" Lou said. "that's what I will be saying out on the porch." tiara said opening the door to the porch. We all sat and she spoke, "Okay. So marissa got a gig at nandos, and she will be singing tonight. She sorta forgot cuz we had a surprise visit. I was supposed I sing with her and play the piano, but I got strep throat recently and i can't sing for about another week or two." I was shocked. Marissa?? A singer?? This is too good to be true. If she's good, she should become part of the band. Same with tiara. Harry spoke next saying, "Well we should surprise her and see if she still performs." "Yea we should. Tiara, do u have any videos or recordings of you two singing together? Cuz maybe if our manager likes you, you could become part of the band." I said, feeling hopeful. Tiara smiled and ran off. Niall said, "Guys!! This will be amazing!! They frickin' sing!! And what if they're good?!?! Liam chuckled,"I really hope they are great singers, but we can't get our hopes up. What if they don't wanna be singers?" Lou spoke next, "Why would they be getting gigs at nandos, if they didn't wanna be singers? We all nodded and tiara ran back in with we laptop. She spoke,"Okay this is a video of marissa, and me singing at our talent show in high school." we all listened. The song was forever young. It was the best. Their voices matched perfectly and their voices were very nice and soft. At the end of the song she nervously asked, "Like it?" Lou spoke next, "No.... I fucking love it!!" haha of course. "wow you're just phononeniall singers girls," Niall spoke smiling. I said, "We need them to sing in our next album, right boys?" I said smirking. The boys all nodded quickly and we were chatting for a bit more about what we would do tonight. Harry spoke, "Okay so the game plan. Liam?" "I say we let tiara get ready, then we go to our place to freshen up, and drop off some of the girls stuff, cuz they are sleeping over. Then we surprise marissa. If u want we could see a movie after," Liam suggested. Niall spoke next, "I'm in, as long as we get food in between!" everyone laughed and we all said yes. Tiara got ready, an bought marissa an extra outfit for the movies, so she wouldn't have to wear a dress at the movies. Can't wait to see marissa again. We haven't been together for a few hours. An that's too long.
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