love with no exceptions

I'm not good at these but erm if it is in this story it is true and every charachter is real.... the things in this really happened just not in this sequence and real people are substituted for one direction. haha my dad is really big and stuff and everyone's afraid of him...


2. Who could that be?

It was already 8 am so I decided to take a shower. It felt so good. I let the heat absorb me into a different world of warm,yellow- DING DONG. The doorbell rang. I groaned and got out of the shower and threw on some sweats and a tank top that didn't cover my hips. Oh well if they ring in my door this early they shouldn't expect me to look like a super model. I opened the door to find 5 amazingly hot boys at the door. I immediately regretted my choice of clothing. I stared,jaw opened at the 5 boys and took in the natural beauty of everyone of them. The one with curly hair cleared his throat and chuckled. I looked down turning a million shades of red. Brent showed up at the door. " Oh hey guys! Come on in. Ignore my sister she's a bit wrong in the head" they all laughed except for me. I walked into my room and slammed the door. Then immediately opened the door and sat on the stairs listening to the boys conversation. "who was that Brent?" the one with blonde hair and an unbelievably sexy Irish accent asked. "that was just my sister." Brent responded eyeing the blonde one questionably. "oh. Erm I'm gonna go... Check up on her to see if she is alright." he walked to the staircase before anybody could object. I tried ti beat him up the stairs before he could find me spying on them... To no advantage. I tripped halfway up the stairs and landed on my face. Ouch. The blonde guy picked me up and brought me to my bed. "Paris,are you alright?" he asked panicking. "ya I'm fine" I said,mortified.
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