love with no exceptions

I'm not good at these but erm if it is in this story it is true and every charachter is real.... the things in this really happened just not in this sequence and real people are substituted for one direction. haha my dad is really big and stuff and everyone's afraid of him...


4. What is going on?!?

Brents P.O.V

When we got to nandos and and our food arrived,Niall didn't even touch his food. All he did was stare at Paris,who was completely oblivious to him staring at her. Everybody sat open mouthed as Niall started at her.... Wait.... Was niall growing feelings for Paris? But they haven't even known each other for more then a couple of hours... I haven't been this confused since I walked in on Louis wearing a bra.

Sorry bout the short chapter but I have writers block, sorry loves!
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