love with no exceptions

I'm not good at these but erm if it is in this story it is true and every charachter is real.... the things in this really happened just not in this sequence and real people are substituted for one direction. haha my dad is really big and stuff and everyone's afraid of him...


5. The woman in black

Brent's P.O.V

After we finished our food we decided on heading back to my house to chill since they didn't feel like doing anything. A couple of minutes after we arrived at the house we decided on the movie 'the woman in black' well I decided on that movie because I knew Paris absolutely hated that movie and I wanted her to go away. But apparently she had some newly found confidence in front of the boys. Ugh. I opened the VCR and put the movie in. During the commercials I could see Paris trying to put on a brave face. I laughed quietly to myself. The main screen popped up and I hit play,as I turned around to go sit with the boys on the couch I realized there was no room. My god they could take up space I went to go sit on the floor with Paris. "Brent,lad you don't have to sit on the floor in your own house,I'll swap places wit yuh." Niall said as he eyed Paris. God I hate when he used the word lad,he was in America not Ireland anymore for crying out loud. I nodded my head and went to go sit down on the couch. Niall sat fairly close to Paris. She looked down and I could tell she was red. Halfway into the movie I went to go get popcorn,when I came back I noticed that Niall had his arm around Paris and she was nestled into his chest jumping whenever a 'scary' part came on. I gave him a dirty look and he raised his eyebrow in confusion. Why MY sister? Why not someone that was actually pretty! Like a supermodel or something. At the end of the movie everybody was asleep except for me and Niall. Harry had fallen asleep with his head in Louis' lap and Liam and zayn had their heads on top of eachothers. "Brent?" Niall said. "yes,blonde one?" I joked. "do you think pigeons have feelings?" he asked,then I realized he was sleep talking as he snored before I could answer. I chuckled. "night loser" and with that I put my head on the arm of the sofa and went to sleep.
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