love with no exceptions

I'm not good at these but erm if it is in this story it is true and every charachter is real.... the things in this really happened just not in this sequence and real people are substituted for one direction. haha my dad is really big and stuff and everyone's afraid of him...


1. Go

I woke up to the sound of a banging hammer. I picked up my iPhone and pressed the lock button. 3:30 am. "what the hell!?" I shouted. quickly after that I covered my mouth remembering I had a 6 year old sister. My brother, Brent came into my room with a broken Barbie doll. "WHERES THE KILLER!? He screamed. I started bursting out in a fit of giggles. "what?" he questioned. "oh,nothing. Just the fact that you came in with a Barbie to save me from jeff the killer." I said through my giggles. "oh that." he put the Barbie down on my dresser. Brent was about 5'9 and slim with brown floppy hair that went a little past his ears and he was quite pale if I do say so myself with freckles galore,but oddly enough he didn't have any on his face. We looked nothing alike. Mainly because my dad was black and my mom was white and his were both white. We had the same moms just different dads. I am 5'5 and have an hourglass figure which I absolutely HATE. I am tan with light brown hair and have curly eyelashes. People tell me I look like my mom but I don't see it. Brent interrupted my thoughts with a snore. Great. He had fallen asleep on my bed. I took a picture and sent it to his girlfriend Kaity. (who was absolutely crazy and tried to sue him for "hitting her" which was impossible because he broke up with her over text when she said that) but now they were back together for some reason I can't understand. I pushed him on the floor with my foot and tried to go back to sleep but failed because of Brent's loud snoring. This was going to be a long night.
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