love with no exceptions

I'm not good at these but erm if it is in this story it is true and every charachter is real.... the things in this really happened just not in this sequence and real people are substituted for one direction. haha my dad is really big and stuff and everyone's afraid of him...


6. Getting to know the boys

Paris' P.O.V. I was the last one to wake up. I was on the floor with my head on the couch. I got up and went into the kitchen where the noise was coming from "GIVE ME THE CARROT YOU LITTLE BUTT MUNCH!" I heard someone scream "NOT GONNA HAPPEN! YOU CAN KISS MY A-" he was interrupted by a husky voice "if you cuss no nandos for a week,Niall,fancy that?" "no" Niall mumbled. "Kay then. Don't cuss." i laughed so hard I'm pretty sure I woke up most of my neighbors. Brent ran down the Steps sleepily tripping a couple of times.
"what is going on!?" "nothing" they all mumbled innocently. " LET'S PLAY A GAME" the one with the striped shirt said " LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!" Niall said "okie dokie then" the tall calm one said. "Well let's start off with telling Paris our names lads,I'm Liam, this is Harry this is Louis that's zayn and-" he was interrupted by Louis " I think she knows who that is" he said winking at me and Niall who were sat cross legged next to eachother. We both blushed. "anywhoo" Harry said.
"I'll go first. Brent truth or dare?" " uh truth" Brent replied.
"Would you be fine if I asked your sister out?" Harry said which resulted in me blushing and making Niall ball his hands into fists.
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