I Found You... In My Darkest Hour

So Joe is just a teenage girl. She has a brother Tom. Yes! From The Wanted. Joe has a secret that never told anyone - she has a crush on Nathan. She's 18, hazel eyes, brown long hair and beautiful personality (from inside and out) :)
But one day Unknown number calls her and says bad, creepy things. She's in danger.


1. These things were not supposed to happen

So its SivaSaturday, i'm chilling on my bed listen to TW's new single I Found You when Tom comes in my room and says "Joe! Good news! We're throwing a party tonight here!"
Yay, but not for me. I'm not that "party chick".
"Who's coming?" i asked with really unhappy voice.
"Well lets think... Your "boyfriend" Nathan..." he started laughing.
"Ok sorry. Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Cher, Olly, 1D lads..."
"Woah! You? Invite 1D? How? They don't like you!" i asked.
"Well we don't want to fight with them, we want to be mates" as Tom said that, he made super cute face.
"Ooooook... TomTom, you know that i don't like parties right?"
"Its going to be amazing, darling" Said Tom.
So after our conversation he winked at me and got out of my room. Tom was the best brother ever.
So, party is coming right up, i have to get ready. So i went to my dressing room and picked beautiful red dress, above knees, black Louboutins and put my make up on.
I still have time.
*Ding dong* Oh Gosh! It can be Nath! Do i look good? I hope so.
So i went downstairs and... WHAT?! Everyone was here and all the eyes were on me.
"Joe... You... Look... Beautiful!" Nathan said.
As always, i blushed.
"Thank you, Nath-AN!"

So actually i'm not enjoying the party. I'm just sitting here, in the kitchen, forever alone, no-one comes to say hi. I was actually drunk and that happens rarely. So i fell asleep on the table.
Where i am? I remember just sitting by the table being drunk. My head hurts like never hurted!
I went downstairs and saw Tom, Nath, Seev, Max and Jay laying on the floor with beer in hands.
All messy! I tried to not wake them up but i can see that i can't do that. Nathan woke up.
"Ugh, morning Joe" he smiled with his "still sleeping" face on.
"Morning Nathan! How was your... Sleep?" that was awkward.
"It was good, yours?"
"Meh, normal. Who bring me to bed? I fell asleep on the table!"
"Em... I... Don't... Know..." he tried not to smile but it was impossible for him.
"You brang me, didn't you?"
"Ya ya ya!" he started laughing.
So i made coffee to everyone when they woke up. They were talking about party ALL DAY LOOOOOONG!
"JOE! YOUR COFFEE IS VERY GOOD!" Seev shouted from the living room.
"THANK YAA" i smiled.

To be continued...
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