laying the blame


1. laying the blame

You say I am arrogant, that I strut in my plumage.

But it is you who puffs his feathers in pride,

claiming all innocence while you preen about

the bright colours and vivid patterns that adorn you.

You quiver every time someone tires of your graces.


You claim that I parade around gathering flocks,

flocks that you then claim I toy with.

But every time I look, there behind you trails

flocks of birds, that flutter there feathers

hoping to garner your divine attention.


You accuse me of enjoying attention

with my plain plumage and dull colours.

Yet you are the one wears the brightest colours,

you are the one who will call to all who will listen

and you lay claim to the body of every other bird.


Laying the blame it is something we all do.

But you love to accuse others of crimes

that you hope never to be accused of.

So lay the blame where you will

but never cast the blame on me.

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