Catch Me

*first fan fiction* Rylee always adored the gorgeous, red-haired Ariana Grande. Se was her idol. The sixteenth birthday of a girl's life are the biggest and best days of their lifes so far. Meeting your favorite band is insane. On the way to L.A., the car stops working. What happens next is a secret that is hidden behind the "Read" button.


3. That Night

    I couldn't believe what was happening. It was all surreal. I touched up my blonde curls and fixed my make up. I didn't apply much except for a little foundation and mascara. Then, my family all drove to the Hollywood sign. 

-10 minutes later-

   It was time. I would finally get to meet my idol and hear her sing live. I found her on YouTube and was obsessed with her music after that. I died my hair her color once. It didn't look good on me, so I went back to my blonde hair. I couldn't stop thinking about the text from Niall. I had texted him back, asking how he got my number when he had my phone.

   I texted myself off your phone, so I would have your number. :)

  Oh? Well I'm glad you did. :)

  What are you up to? :) xx 

  I'm about to go to a private concert from Ariana Grande. :D  

 Well, have fun love xx :)

 Niall made my night start and end amazingly. I knew I liked him when I saw a picture of him, but I never knew I would fall for him like this. 

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