Catch Me

*first fan fiction* Rylee always adored the gorgeous, red-haired Ariana Grande. Se was her idol. The sixteenth birthday of a girl's life are the biggest and best days of their lifes so far. Meeting your favorite band is insane. On the way to L.A., the car stops working. What happens next is a secret that is hidden behind the "Read" button.


2. Arrival

 Huh? Why did he need my phone again? I just handed it to him without questioning him out loud. It would've been awkward, since I found his number in my contacts a few minutes after the tow truck got there. I had Niall Horan's number. Woah. 

-2 hours later-

 We just arrived at the hotel and I am ecstatic! Ariana Grande will be giving me a private concert. It's at the Hollywood sign! Amazing right?!

 Ding! My phone lit up with a new message from.. Niall!! EEP! I have a huge celebrity crush on him. His blue eyes with specks of yellow are mesmerizing. His blond quiff just makes him look extraordinary! I miss his old hair, but I love this hair also.

 Hello, love :) xx     

 My heart skipped a few beats. Niall Horan was texting me. I was about to meet Ariana Grande, my idol. I dont think my night could get any better.

-Author's Note-

Sorry for such a short chapter! Please favorite, like, comment, and tell your friends about this! Thank you :) -Ashley

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