Catch Me

*first fan fiction* Rylee always adored the gorgeous, red-haired Ariana Grande. Se was her idol. The sixteenth birthday of a girl's life are the biggest and best days of their lifes so far. Meeting your favorite band is insane. On the way to L.A., the car stops working. What happens next is a secret that is hidden behind the "Read" button.


1. Travel

    Rylee's P.O.V


  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the chance to meet your idol? It might just be amazing!

-2 hours earlier-

  "Are you ready to go?!" My mom yelled up the stairs. It was my sixteenth birthday and we were leaving San Diego, California to go to Los Angeles. I finally would get to meet my idol. I fangirled like crazy when my mom told me that she won me a private concert in L.A.

  "Yeah!" I yelled back. It would be a two and a half hour drive. Yikes. That long in a car with my family? I would rather be in school. I headed down the stairs with my suitcase in hand. I was wearing a mid-waisted, flowy, white skirt with a blue belt around the waist, a flowy, peach colored tank top with blue jewels around the neck. I slid on my Steve Madden Dynemite sandals as I walked out the door. This would be the time of my life.

-30 minutes later-

  The car pulled to an abrupt stop. What the heck? I thought. Were we stuck? All of a sudden I hear a knock on my window. I looked out and saw a blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy standing there. 

  "Hi," he said. He had very thick Irish accent. Where had I seen him before? Why was he at my window? "Our tour bus broke down and we can't seem to get a hold of anyone. Do you know any local towing companies, love?" That's him. That's Niall Horan. Oh. My. Gosh! A small squeal escaped my mouth. My mom just winked at me. Did they see the tour bus and stop? Or did Niall wave them down? Thoughts filled my mind as Niall looked at me, confused.

  "Oh, yes. Sorry about that," I apologized. I grabbed my phone and Googled local towing companies. I dialed the first one and handed my phone to Niall. After a few minutes of trying to figure out where we were and telling the tow truck company about who they were, he finally gave me my phone back. Then, he asked for it again.

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