My Lovatic And Me.

This involves a fan who gets bullied and cuts and his idol really helps him and looks after him.


1. The Lovatics Are Great

I woke up at six this morning and made breakfast which included toast and orange juice, I knew I had a big day planned because I had a show and a signing which was in London.

I was thinking *how am I gonna cope with all this tension and keep myself on time*

I got dressed and arranged for my tour bus to pick me up to start this crazy adventure because it was also the first day of the 77 day tour.

My bus arrived at my hotel and I was escorted to the bus by my security, when I got outside all I heard was my Lovatics going "Demi, Demi, Demi, Demi" on and on and on and on.

I stopped near my bus where I could reach my Lovatics and I signed for about an hour, which was okay as I didn't need to be anywhere until 2pm and it was only 10am.

So I arrived at the signing at 1pm and got ready and got prepared for a busy few hours.....
The Lovatics piled in and after an hour my wrist was killing me so I had to stop for a while.

But as I got up one Lovatic stood out, i could see cuts and scars on him and I told security to bring him back with me, I talked with and he told me about his life he said "all my life I've been bullied, the only thing that has kept me going is you Demi, your music has taught me a lot and I'm so glad I've finally had the chance to meet you" I talked to him and I asked about the cuts and scars and he said "all the time I get bullied I feel useless and I cut myself because it brings the pain down for a while" as he said that, I said to the security could you leave me alone with him for a few minutes?

I reached for him and said listen what's your name.... "I'm Dan" well Dan, listen to me, I know what this is like but there is hope okay, I hugged him and softy said its gonna be okay, I kissed him gently on his head, and I held him for about 15 minutes. Just before he had to go, I said look here's a ticket for tonight's gig, don't tell anyone I gave you this okay, see you tonight.

I returned to the signing and carried on till I had signed for everyone which took another hour, I was tired out so I slept in my bus till about 7pm

At 19:10, I went to get ready for the show that I was performing live in, then I remembered about Dan and I was thinking and I thought maybe I can dedicate a song to him, then I remembered I had Skyscraper.

It was show time but before I went on stage. I started crying a little and my sis came in and said "alright let's go" so I went to the stage entrance but somebody asked what was wrong and I told them about Dan and they were like so sad.

As went on stage I looked up at the night sky and dedicated this show to Dan.

I started singing and I saw Dan at the front and I could see he was wearing one of my tops, I thought aww :) such a brave lad, I finished singing and invited him up on stage to sing skyscraper with me because I was dedicating it to him, we sang it together, he sang beautifully, it touched me and the audience, the crowd was cheering for him and they were shouting "Hug, Hug, Hug, Hug" so I hugged him and he started happly crying and he smiled at me and I smiled back and said, remember Dan, it's gonna be okay, okay?.

I finished the show and all I could think about was Dan and his bravery, what he has been through and what I mean to him really touched me, I thought, I need to keep him in my life.......

Do I ask him out or just be great friends?
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