Alzheimer: A Curse

This is about a relationship between a woman and her aging mother, who suffers from Alzheimer. For those who don't know, Alzheimer is a mental disease, for which no true cure is available. It causes one to lose their ability to remember. It doesn't kill you, but trust me death is nothing compared to this. Its for the pulling at your gravity contest, so please like and fav(only if really you like it though)


3. Chapter 3


Does everybody have those days when nothing seems to be going right? Well today was one of mine. I had got up late and was running late for work. I went to take once last look at Mom before leaving to find she had wet herself. Again.

I got the maid and both of us helped her get to the bathroom and striped her off all her clothes. In that moment, my mom looked at me; as though she was looking at me for the first time in months. Hope blossomed into me, but I squashed it. False hopes only brings more disappointments.

She looked at her naked form and tried to keep us away, only to stumble at the very first step. Dejected by her own inadequacy she hung her head in shame and kept muttering to herself.

Just when we had finished bathing her, I heard her mutter something that I knew I would remember for the rest of my life.

“Why god? Why have you reduced me to this?” she said and tears filled my eyes. But I gave to be strong. For both myself and the sake of my children.

I didn’t want to leave her at home. Especially not today. Still forced myself to go to work. Forced myself into thinking I didn’t have the feeling something bad was going to happen. In the evening I returned home to the news that my mother had left this world and drifted away into her dream. 

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