Alzheimer: A Curse

This is about a relationship between a woman and her aging mother, who suffers from Alzheimer. For those who don't know, Alzheimer is a mental disease, for which no true cure is available. It causes one to lose their ability to remember. It doesn't kill you, but trust me death is nothing compared to this. Its for the pulling at your gravity contest, so please like and fav(only if really you like it though)


2. Chapter 2


Looking at her sleeping form now I felt the tugging of nostalgia in my heart. A time when she used to lie awake beside me and watch as I drift into wonderland. I moved a loose silver strand away from her face. Though wrinkled, it held an ageless beauty, a sort which only few can see. Though her room smelled of piss, and I know she’s done it again, I let myself a small smile. At least she was at peace.

I am her daughter and the woman sleeping was my mum. Once she looked after me and now the time has come for me to return the favour; return it with love. Yet she makes it so difficult.

Just last night she refused to get to bed claiming her mother was in the terrace and we had locked her out. But how can she see her mother now? She has been dead for more than four decades. I could barely remember her as she had left us all when I was only two years old.

I remember my mom, cantering from the kitchen to the rest of the house a hundred times every morning, just to see me off to school and dad to his office. But now she lives, not knowing that her beloved husband has long since reached god; not knowing that it’s her own daughter who is looking after her and not a maid. She still wears all her tokens of a happily married woman. She stills prays for her son to get married (the only person in our family she actually recognizes), when he already has a six months old son.

She had long since given up on food. Force-feeding was an everyday routine. But the curse had also taken from her the ability to control her bladder. Diapers were no use at first. She’d only throw it away the second she wore it. But I did try my best to keep it on her, and now slowly she has accepted it as a reality. Hopefully this means that she is recovering.

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