Kiss Me I'm Irish

17 year old April has been best friends with Niall Horan ever since she moved to Ireland when she was four. She has been with him for everything, and when he passes his xfactor audition, things start to change between them. Can April keep the strong relationship they had? Or will they loose it forever?


2. When You and I became Us

Aprils POV:
Niall and I played together every afternoon from 4:30 to 6:00. We would either go to his place or mine. Then, the summer days grew colder. I knew school would be starting. I wasnt really looking foward to it. Niall would be starting first grade, while I would still be in kindergarten. Despite not being in the same grade, we still sat together on the bus, and we ate together at lunch. Niall would help me with my homework, and would always correct me if i made my 'r's backwards. Niall and I became one. We wouldnt do anything apart. The parents would never say "How's Niall?" or "How's Apirl?". They would always put us in the same sentence, like "How are the two?". I practically became Niall's sister then. People thought we were siblings, but I would always respond: "Look silly, I have red hair and green eyes, and Niall has brown hair and blue eyes!" The adult we were explaining that to would always laugh. Niall became my best friend in the entire world. A couple years later, when he was 12 and I was 11, he started bleaching his hair blonde. I liked it. I somehow was really smart and skipped a grade, and ended up with Niall. I was in his homeroom and all his classes. It felt kind of weird being with people a year older than me, but I still made new friends and kept my other friends. Another thing that made Niall and I "us" was that we shared a birthday: September 13. It was coming up soon. I would be turing 12 and Niall 13. My best friend was going to be a teenager. My mom had a talk with me that I would start looking at guys differently.

"You might feel funny around them. Maybe nervous or something." she had said to me.

I did notice that around some guys around me. One day, Niall said that I blushed deep red when Nick Ballestero offered to help me to the nurse the day before. Niall also then started teasing me whenever Nick was around. I would always punch him on the shoulder, but then say sorry. I never felt that funny feeling around Niall. We were too good of friends to start dating. But now, at 15, I started feeling something weird around him...
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