Kiss Me I'm Irish

17 year old April has been best friends with Niall Horan ever since she moved to Ireland when she was four. She has been with him for everything, and when he passes his xfactor audition, things start to change between them. Can April keep the strong relationship they had? Or will they loose it forever?


3. Singing for Us

Nialls POV:
Singing is the one thing I love. Other than April. But, not that way, I love her as a little sister. Our birthday has passed so I was now 16! To celebrate, just the two of us, we went to a recording studio that my friends dad worked at. We got the whole thing to ourselves. April suggested I sing, since I was the "musical one" out of us. I got in the little room with the mic. April put on a song she loved. It was So Sick by Ne-Yo.

"I gotta change my answering machiene, now that im alone, cuz right now it says that we, cant come to the phone." i sang.

When I finished it, April clapped.

"You, Niall James Horan, are AMAZING!!! Ya know, you should really try out for Britians Got Talent, or X-Factor!" she suggested.

"Maybe" i shrugged

She shrugged back. We left an hour later. I took her consideratikn of xfactor. I applied and we were leaving in two weeks. April helped me practice my song, which was going to be So Sick. I practiced hard, but not too hard so I wouldnt loose my voice. The day finally came. April came with us. She held my hand on the plane ride, which was good because I was nervous as hell. We landed and we got to the place where auditions were. I waited and waited and waited...

Aprils POV:
About an hour after we got there, Niall was up. I screamed as loud as I could when he came on stage. He sand his song. It was beautiful!! The judges voted, and it was all up to... Katy Perry!!!!!! I loved her. When she said yes, Niall must have jumped fifty feet in the air. I clapped and rushed backstage to congratulate him. I gave him a hige hug.

"Oh my god Niall!!! I cant believe you made it!!" I screamed.

Niall was smiling a hige smile and hugged his parents and gave me a pechk on the cheek. I blushed, but he didnt notice. Did it mean anything, or was it because he was so happy?
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