Kiss Me I'm Irish

17 year old April has been best friends with Niall Horan ever since she moved to Ireland when she was four. She has been with him for everything, and when he passes his xfactor audition, things start to change between them. Can April keep the strong relationship they had? Or will they loose it forever?


7. Niall's Side

I left yesterday for xfactor bootcamp. I said goodbye to everyone... exept April. I know I probably should have, but if I did, then I would feel like I needed to stay home, with her. There's nothing romantic between us, there never was, but I still feel like April is the only reason that I would want to stay home. If I did say goodbye to her, then I would have canceled my bootcamp arrangements. I know she wouldn'd of liked that.
After Niall left, I didn't feel... happy inside. Like the best thing just collapsed in front of me. Niall was my other half, so I was just incomplete without him. It was killing me not knowing why he didn't say goodbye. I kept thinking that I did or said sonething to hurt him. I just didn't know. My friend Sarah said that he probably wanted some space, but took it back immeadeately when she saw me tear up.

"April, I didn't mean it that way," she had said.

I shook it off and went home. I went straight to my room. My room where there was pictures of Niall and I all over the place. I wanted to tear them all down, but changed my mind when my phone buzzed, and the caller ID was Niall. I almost tripped over my feet trying to get to the phone.

"Niall please talk to me!" I answered.

"Hey to you too April," I heard him say.

"So, you wanna tell me something?" I asked.

"...yes..." he said.

"Why didn't you say goodbye?" I slowly asked.

"April..." he started.

"Niall. Don't. Just answer the damn question" I said, almost screaming into the phone.

"Ok, ok... I didn't want to because I was scared." He said.

"Scared of what? A girl who you've known since five?" I sassed back.

"No. Scared of staying here." he responded.

"Nialler, explain." I said, slightly aggravated.

"Ok, here it goes... I didn't want to see you because if I did, then I would want to stay." he said.

"So, if you saw me, then you wouldn't want to go?" I asked. 

"Yes..." he said.

I didn't want to say anything. So, I didn't. 

"April... I... love you" he said, then, he hung up.
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