Kiss Me I'm Irish

17 year old April has been best friends with Niall Horan ever since she moved to Ireland when she was four. She has been with him for everything, and when he passes his xfactor audition, things start to change between them. Can April keep the strong relationship they had? Or will they loose it forever?


6. Falling Apart

Two weeks after Niall made xfactor, I haven't heard from him. I decided to give a call. His mom answered

"Hello?" she said

"Hi, its. April. Is Niall there?" I asked

"No, didn't he say goodbye? He left for Xfactor yestersay" she said

When I heard that, I was crushed. I felt lke crying.

"No," I said shakily, "He never said goodbye"

"Oh..." she said.

"Well, thanks anyway." i said. I hung up. 

I was so upset that my best friend didn't even say goodbye. Its not like I did something to him to make him not like me. Or did I? I'm not sure if I did. So, I picked up my phone and texted him. I said:'why didnt u say goodbye? did i do somethin?' I hit send. A couple seconds later, my phone buzzed. He responded:'i hav a reason'. Confused, I texted him back:'plz tell me, im like, in tears'. After that, he didn't text me back. What is going on?

(A/N): Hey guys!! again, sorry for the orginazation with the paragraphs... Please comment so I know how I'm doing!! Thanks!!
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