Kiss Me I'm Irish

17 year old April has been best friends with Niall Horan ever since she moved to Ireland when she was four. She has been with him for everything, and when he passes his xfactor audition, things start to change between them. Can April keep the strong relationship they had? Or will they loose it forever?


1. The Beginning of it All

Aprils POV:
I remember the first time I met Niall Horan. I was a really rainy day when I moved from Scotland to Ireland. It was thundering when we arrived at our new house. The family across the street came across with umbrellas to help us. The mom was carrying a five year old boy. She put him down to help my mom and dad. So, it was just me and him, standidng in the rain.
"I'm April. Whats your name?" I asked him. Even though I was only four, my Scottish accent was very strong.
"I'm Niall. You have a funny accent" he said back.
"So do you." i said, slightly offended.
All Niall did was shrug. For some reason, I knew right then that we would become best friends. Our parents finally came and collected us, so I said bye to Niall. I could just barely hear him say to his mom:
"Mommy, can we have April over for a playdate once Mr.Sun comes out?"
That is something I will always remember for the rest of my life. When it finally did stop raining, Mrs. Horan called my mom asking if I could come over. I put on my favorite shirt with my skirt. I looked as adorable as a four year old can. That day, we went into the woods. We found a huge mud pit and I "accedentally" fell in. We played in the mud and went back to the Horan's all dirty. My favorite shirt was ruined, but it was worth it. I barely knew that I had found my best friend.
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