3 girls are on vacation when Hannah, Hope, and Maddie run into the famous One Direction. Hannah meets niall. Hope meets Liam. Maddie meets Zayn. they get close the something happends and it can never be fixed. Will Zayn regret his action?


4. YES!!!!!!



            Hannah’s P.O.V.

Today is our last day in Galveston so Niall took me to a candy store and he bought me and Liam lots of chocolate. We all made ourselves look different so we could have at least one day away from fame. It was hard you never got privacy. I comes with a price you have to do everything a certain way but the guys don’t seem to follow. They do there own thing when they want whenever they want. That’s what they did today we dressed up and me talked in different voices, it was like halloween we were the only ones in costumes. But Niall sat me down and ordered us a smoothie to share. We were on “The Strand” so we walked across the street to restaurant when our cover was blown. We walked in there and there are people turning their heads wondering if what they saw was real. When walked through the door, Niall’s wig had fallen off. We ran out of there.

            Hope’s P.O.V.

Hannah and Niall went off to the strand so that me and Liam went mini golfing after we ate at a restaurant next door. I got a text from Niall saying he bought Liam a lot of chocolate and when I told Liam he ask if I had gotten any. I responded with “I don’t know actually. I don’t think I did.” We told me he would give me some but I really didn’t want any. But we were done eating so we drove over to the mini golf course and I gave them money and we went to the coarse were you were in a jungle. I stopped for a minute and thought about what Liam was doing. We were in a castle, at the very top. That’s when he got down on one knee and grabbed my hand and said “Hope you are my everything and I want to know if…” he paused and pulled out a diamond ring then he continued “My everything… would marry me?” I froze with tears, a smile and then a nod. I saw a camera flash and I didn’t care. I’m engaged it went through my head just like Liam’s name had when we first met. We both stood up and hugged. The man of my dreams is the one I’m engaged to.

            Niall’s P.O.V.

When my wig fell off. I was in shock. I had never seen this before. It fell off and my cover was blown and no one came chasing after me. But I didn’t care I got time to me and Hannah all alone. That’s when we had the best time of our lives. We had run and laughed our heads off. I had thought at that time about the ring that I had bought for Hannah when I want to propose to her. I had to propose soon before I lost the ring so we stopped at sat on a bench in front of a giant chess board. That’s when I was about to do it when Liam texted me saying Hope and himself were engaged. I ignored the text and went further on with my task. I got down on one knee and told her my speech I had prepared. “Hannah…” I grabbed her hand “I love you and I will forever.” She had tears brimming her eyes. “I love you Hannah. So much and I need to ask you something important.”

Liam’s P.O.V.

Hope got a text about chocolate and I was disappointed that she didn’t get any but I couldn’t think about  chocolate at a time like this I looked at the clock on the restaurant wall and I had 20 minutes left until I was going to propose. We went to the mini golf course. I waited till we got to the castle then asked her the question. She had said yes to me and yes was enough. I was engaged to Hope. She had looked so beautiful with her hair up and her sweatpants with her white tank top. My fiancée was in my arms. I dreamed of this day. Memories came flooding back from when I was with Dani. I had asked her to marry me but she said no. I thought my heart was going to be broken forever. I had to thank Niall for taking me into that candle store which felt like ages ago but im glad he did. After all he bought her the promise ring and I had the engagement ring. I was happy for us both. I saw a flash of lightning then a “BOOM” then rain began to fall. My hands were on Hopes waist and hers rapped around my lower back. I looked down she looked up. Then we kissed. There. On a castle. In. the. rain. I knew this would end up in magazines but I was getting married to Hope the most beautiful girl in the world.

            Zayn’s P.O.V.

I went in Maddie’s room for the first time after she died. I looked on her bed to look at the stuffed Giraffe I had won her at a carnival. I looked at her mirror. Her photos of her and her friends and herself and I but I really loved the picture of her when she was 2 with her dad holding her. I felt a tear fall from my face. I had remembered I didn’t tell her mom or dad and that I never cancelled her phone sevice. I looked down at her desk where her phone was I looked at the case remembering I had got it custom made for her with a picture of us on it. I turned it on. No missed calls. No messages. I went through her old messages and saw that her mom and dad had passed. She never told me. I would have taken her to there funeral but she didn’t even seem sad about it. I read earlier on with the conversation with her mom. They had gotten in a fight. Her mom had gotten cancer and her dad had gone off to war. They had died on the same day and same time. Maddie never told me that they had died or anything. I thought she didn’t have a care for the world. She was always so happy. I never asked her whats wrong. A wave of guilt came over me. Again. I had wanted to see here face again. I couldn’t. I just wanted one last kiss. I loved how she wrapped her arms around my neck as I put my arm around her waist. It’s her birthday today. I was going to ask her to marry me but everyone else had the same Idea. But mine would be extra special. I had booked a flight to Paris and we were going to get the Ifel tower and propose. I can’t do that. Maddie is gone. I haven’t cried this much in my life.

            Harry’s P.O.V

“Louis were are you?” I could find Louis. After all the game is called hide and go seek but I could seem to seek Louis. I looked out the window to find Louis standing there with the biggest smile on his face. I was adorable. I called my mom after our game. When she picked up she didn’t say hello she said “I never thought you would be gay for Louis.” I guess she just found out. I said “I love you” then hung up. But I couldn’t put my phone down because zany had called in tears “Its her birthday Harry!!! Its her birthday and I cant even see her.” He spoke with his voice cracking. I had to go visit him. “where are you? We need to talk.” I responded. He paused and said “my flat. Im going to go see heaven soon Hazza.”

He ment he was going to kill himself. I grabbed the keys and with that drove to his flat he hadn’t gotten the door fixed since…her death. I ran in there to luckly find the bottle of pills sitting there. I grabbed then and poured them into the drain of the shower. Zayn stood there as if I had just killed someone. He charged at me and socked me in the jaw to be led unconscious.

            Louis P.O.V.

I saw Harry leave so I followed him. I got to Zayns quick enough. I saw him come at Harry and punch him. My blood started to boil. I was stronger that Zayn I came after him. He shutted at what I did. I picked him up like a baby and sat on the floor. He was in tears. I sat there rocking by harrys head as I had and arm around Zayn and the other hand was stroking Hazzas hair. I couldn’t help but think about why Zayn would try that. I don’t know but I waited till Harry had wakened to drive all of us back to our flat. Zayn hadn’t been out since she passed away.

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