3 girls are on vacation when Hannah, Hope, and Maddie run into the famous One Direction. Hannah meets niall. Hope meets Liam. Maddie meets Zayn. they get close the something happends and it can never be fixed. Will Zayn regret his action?


5. Time flys.

6 Years Later


                      Hannah's P.O.V.

Its been six years since that all happend. Niall and I are getting married when he gets off tour. Hope and Liam, well, there having there first kid in 2 months. there wadding was pefect but mine will be better. And Harry and Louis they are engaged as well, since last week at least. I told Niall what happend with me and Harry he got mad but he forgave me after an hour. he is such a teaddy bear. I forgot to mension Zayn and Ellie, I think thats her name, but they went off somewhere else so i dont know what they have been doing. We all get to see eachother next week.

                    Hope's P.O.V.

im exited to see liam next week. I resently found out im having a Boy.His name? i dont know yet. Liam is naming him. I really miss everyone its just been me and Hannah for a couple of months, but there tours almost over. Im hungry. I really want some pickles. sorry for the random thought. Pickle flavored cupcakes. Oh My God that sounds so flacking good. i have to go get one now. bye.


(the boys pov's are not in here because they are on tour. and im lazy. but im going to write a Larry Stylinspn one soon. Get ready for the feels. bye Loves!!)

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