3 girls are on vacation when Hannah, Hope, and Maddie run into the famous One Direction. Hannah meets niall. Hope meets Liam. Maddie meets Zayn. they get close the something happends and it can never be fixed. Will Zayn regret his action?


2. The talk

Hannah’S P.O.V.

I saw Harry take Louis into the bathroom and talking but I noticed something before he was looking at me and hope a lot I just walked over to him and asked what was wrong and he took me to the corner and explained his love for Lou and that he wanted to grow old with him and have the love of his life by his side forever. I just kept quiet the whole time. I glanced over at hope and she and Louis were talking in the corner just the same as me and harry were. I could tell what Louis was saying he was talking to fast but I took in every word Harry said to me so I just said “Harry I would love to help you but I  just don’t know how but if you need me call me we can talk about this. Ok?” he responded after thinking for a minute with a simple “OK”

            Hope’s P.O.V.

 I saw harry talking to Hannah but I couldn’t make out what he was saying to her when I felt a tap on my shoulder and to turn around and see Louis telling me we needed to talk urgently. He took me into the women’s restroom  to talk and told me his love for Harry. He came close to me for a hug and we stood there hugging and Louis said he will never stop loving him that Harry is the best thing that has ever happened to him when he started to cry into my shoulder and that he will never stop until he gets him and is able to hold him in his arms forever and he wont let him got till forever stops. Louis made me start crying to the point where the manger knocked on the door and asked us if we were ok. We couldn’t stop we needed to get out the pain when we herd a knock at the door Louis sat down in the corner to where who was at the door couldn’t see him anymore. Liam was at the door and told me Hannah wanted to talk to me and at the exact same time we both said “they love each other and they don’t know it yet”

            Maddie’s P.O.V.

Me and Zayn had left the store to get some coffee at the Starbucks down the street. Hope Hannah and I had been visiting England for 2 days now and I think we actually might have to buy a flat to live in here. I never want to leave Zayns side, when I am with him I feel complete but before this day happened I felt something missing. I saw a flash come from the window and saw camera to go with it I had forgotten that Zayn was famous and I was probably going to end up on the front of a magazine to where the whole world could see it. Zayn took me to a book store and we bought the magazines with the posters in it and we took them out and layed them down to see if Zayn was on one of them and he was on 3 of them. Zayn said it was strange seeing his name one magazines and have teenage girls drool over him and cry at night because they can’t have him. Then I realized I just spent the day with a famous person.

            Niall’s P.O.V.

Harry took Hannah into the corner to talk and when she came back I asked her a life changing question and what I said was “Hannah I know we just meet but from the moment I saw you I knew you were mine so what im asking is…Will you go out with me?” she paused for a moment and answered me with a “Yes. Niall I felt the exact same way about you.” That was it me and Hannah were a couple my princess did come and I will never hurt her in any way. Hannah was mine forever, I knew in my heart she was the one, the one that would be my wife and would be a wonderful mother. I Hope and Liam end up that way too. I mean like they are so perfect for each other in every way possible. I just noticed Zayn and Maddie left the store. I turned to Hannah and said “I love you” as I looked into her bright hazel eyes. I had expected her to respond right then but she didn’t she shed a tear and hugged me and said “I love you too and thank you for meaning that.” I had to guess that a guy had said that then hurt her but I hugged her back her hair was somewhat in my face, it had the scent of strawberries, but we stood there hugging for a while when I had felt her bury her head into my chest and I put my head in the crook of her neck. After a while we stopped the long hug that made me feel so safe, she looked up at me with tears brimming her eyes and then she said “thank you Niall, I love you.” I kissed her on the forehead and grabbed her hand and left the store to go get a bite to eat.

            Liam’s P.O.V.

I saw Louis take Hope in the bathroom but I knew Louis wouldn’t do anything because he had a “girlfriend” so I went to knock on the door when hope answered it, I couldn’t see Louis but didn’t care I wanted to make sure Hope was ok and that Hannah wanted to talk to her about something but I held her hand and walked her over to Hannah. They had whispered something at the exact same time, I had wondered but I was starting to question where Louis was…it felt strange walking into the woman’s restroom but I saw Louis there on the floor crying and when I walked in he said “Harry look…” I cut him off by saying “it Liam” I had wondered what he was going to say to harry. I shouldn’t have cut him off like that but he sat there with tears streaming down his face and I went over there and hugged him I had tried to imitate a Horan Hug but I couldn’t I had told Louis “Lou wipe those tears off you face and get out of the woman’s restroom so that’s what he did with occasional sniffles.

            Harry’s P.O.V.

When I walked out of the restroom Violet came over to me and petted my curls and told her to stop I walked her outside and told her “Violet I know we have been together for so long but I just cant do it anymore..” I had trailed off and she asked exactly what I thought she would ask “can’t do what anymore?” I had to answer her so I answered with the truth “be…straight” she slapped me across the face I couldn’t think about the pain but I could only think about Louis. He was the man of my dreams, the straw to my berry. Louis was mine but I got and my car and drove to our flat, we had been sharing it, but we were moving out. I packed a bag and took one of Louis shirts and left a note on his bed saying “Louis I don’t know how to but this but I took one of your shirts. Yes the blue striped one. I have gone to a hotel I cant bear my… my love for you anymore I sorry Louis I have loved you since the X-Factor days and I always loved you from then on and im not getting on twitter anymore… I love you Boo Bear.




            Louis P.O.V.

I had tried to hide my tears but I just couldn’t do it I had to hug Hope but the whole time I was thinking of Harry but when I came out of the bathroom… he was gone I was going to break up with Christina because he broke up with Violet and so I walked up to her and said “it’s over” I walked out the door and drove to the flat and walked into Harry’s room to find he wasn’t there. I went into my room and looked at the note. When I finished I laid there on my bed faced down with my pillow wet with tears. I had never felt so alone before. I went to go take a shower and that didn’t help I had forgotten about the pictures we had put up on the mirror in the bathroom and I walked out into the living room to find Harry had taken his bunny and blanket with him. I grabbed my phone to call Harry and I went straight to voicemail. I have never cried so hard in my life… the love of my life left me. I went to go look at every hotel in London every place I went to I got mobbed by fans asking for autographs, I had to refuse, I was on a mission to find Harry.

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