3 girls are on vacation when Hannah, Hope, and Maddie run into the famous One Direction. Hannah meets niall. Hope meets Liam. Maddie meets Zayn. they get close the something happends and it can never be fixed. Will Zayn regret his action?


3. No! Don't! I love you.




            Hannah’s P.O.V.

I had walked down to the lobby only to find thousands of fans screaming and trying to hug me but I had never felt so loved by so many people but Niall had made me feel special. I had to wait in the Lobby for Niall but when he walked up to me and kissed me and that’s when the fans went crazy. Me and Niall went to Wal-Mart only to find screaming fans that were surrounded Harry I didn’t mean to draw attention to myself but without thinking I yelled “HARRY!!!!!!!” I kind of blended in with the fans but everyone knew who I was so I couldn’t hide it but I was the only one who got to hug Harry. All the fans screamed when we hugged I had never seen so many people take pictures at a store. Right after I hugged him I looked at him and said “Louis has been worried sick about you he thought you were dead or something he has been on twitter non-stop tweeting you along with the fans. Harry we need to talk somewhere else but here.” His response was what I expected “didn’t Louis read my note? I wanted him to not worry about me.”


            Hope’s P.O.V.

Liam had made me feel special unlike any other guy, I was just something else but we had moved in with each other and whenever I go to my car I get malted with fans. Today we were on our way to the airport to fly to Houston so Liam could meet my family, but when we got to the airport we were undercover well not really but we ran to our plane so the fans couldn’t reach us but Liam didn’t buy us first class tickets. We were normal people so we don’t need that much luxury. We got to Houston at 3:27 a.m. I had fallen asleep on Liam, he is like a teddy bear, we rented a car it was nice but Liam had been confused about where the steering wheel was and what side of the street to drive on so I was the driver. We had planed to stay with my family for 2 days then head down to Galveston for 2 weeks then go back to Houston then back to London. When we got to my house Liam said “How could you live here for 18 years its so HOT!!” he had said “hot” too loud and about 50 people came running from 4 different streets. We had security but we still ran into my backyard and were laughing it looked like the scene from the titanic when jack and rose are running from the guy who was chasing them, anyways, we fixed our selfs up picked up our stuff and walked through the door and I got hugs from everyone then I introduced Liam to everyone then they hugged and shook hands we were going to stay in my room and I guess my mom had been in there because she hung up a banner that said “Hope look what I did…Put up posters of you and Liam.” I don’t know how she managed to get up to the top of the wall we didn’t own a latter so I don’t know I didn’t have furniture just an empty room with an air mattress I opened the window to find people standing fairly close

            Maddie’s P.O.V.

When I walked outside there were thousands of screaming fans, there for me and Zayn’s autographs. My hand was sore from sighing over 2,000 autographs but I had to leave to go get lunch for us. I went to subway and ate a pickle. But when I got back Zayn had left a note which said “Madeline I had loved you but I had to go I had to leave you here. I know its improper but I just had to break up with you it’s a last minute dissension, but blame management I had to get together with Violet. Im so sorry Maddie I had to… I’ll love you forever and don’t you ever forget that. Ok?” I had never felt so much pain in my life before but I guess I would have to someday. Zayn was gone I ran inside and trashed the place and grabbed a bottle of pain killers I had left a note for Zayn which had remarked “Zayn you hurt me and its time for me to go I thought you loved but I guess I was wrong. Im sorry it had to end like this but it was a though thought to… you know…agree too. I just want to tell the world how much I love you. Hear me whisper into your ear “ I love you” because you’re my world goodbye.” I had the bottle in my hand and I unscrewed the cap and had a big jug of water so the pills will go down easy. The water is gone now and my heart is still broken. My mind has slowed down and my shakes have increased as I looked at my phone to see the time and date only to realize its April fool’s day and Zayn didn’t really broke up with me and I realized I just lost my life to no one I passed silently and with my final three words “I love him” tears still streaming down my face makeup running, no one here to save me, Zayn was hiding somewhere else. I had realized what I had done…my brain has shut down I have many regrets. I had loved my life and lived it to the fullest as I closed my eyes. My life was gone. No heartbeat. No breath. No nothing. Just a cold unmoving body sitting in the bathtub with a picture of Zayn laying on my chest.

            Niall’s P.O.V.

Hannah and I walked up to Wal-Mart only to find Harry standing there. Hannah ran up to him and gave him a giant hug about the size of the universe. She told him about Louis which made Harry run out of there to his car and drove off to some place it was just me and Hannah. The fans had run after him but I was me and Hannah by the beach toys we had kissed then had goofed off until the fans came back it was a while that’s when I looked at Hannah and said “I love you forever and always.” She smiled and carried on after saying “I love you too boo boo and always will”. We needed to but food and lots of it if we were going to meet Hope and Liam in Texas. We had our bags in the car when we walk out with our stuff as we were walking a fan ran up to us crying and she was trying to explain she had been robbed by a girl named Gina and she said the cops shot her down and took her to jail. We had to run from the girl because she tried to sell us drugs that she bought from Gina. We drove straight to airport and ran onto the plane and we arrived in Houston with Hope and Liam.

            Liam’s P.O.V.

Me and hope got to the airport and ran strait onto the plane like the scene in the titanic according to Hope when we got on the plane we put our stuff up on the shelf things above the seats hope fell asleep on me and I had to wake her up when we landed. The poor girl was so tired but I woke her up sweetly and said “ Bunny were here and picked her up and carried her off the plane and she woke up enough to walk but I carried her stuff when she called the cab and we got to her house. Many names were said and many hugs were given that family was the hugging type but not as much as Niall was. When we got to hopes room there was a banner hanging up with posters everywhere of me but there was a queen size air mattress that me and hope were going to share for the next night then we were going to go to Galveston for 2 weeks. Just to get away from all this madness we found a place that had no house around it and I was right on the beach. Were leaving tomorrow when Hannah and Nialler get here.

            Zayn’s P.O.V.

I guess Maddie took my joke seriously. I walked into our flat and found her note and noticed a picture missing and I ran to the bathroom and the door was locked so with all my strength I got the door open and found her cold unmoving body in the bathtub. Her tears were still fresh. A wave of guilt came over me. I had caused someone to kill herself but I had to get over it I guess we were over and Violet really did ask me out yesterday but I said maybe later. I guess later is now. But maddie was the girl of my dreams and I caused her death. I called 911. They just took her body away but Maddie was in a better place now. Im off twitter for a while and I have relax I can’t think straight right now, im going to sleep for a couple days. Night brain. Night.

            Harry’s P.O.V.

When Hannah saw me at walmart I knew my cover was blown from that point on I was trying to shop but fans wouldn’t stop coming up to me a squeaking. But I was glad to hear Louis cared that I was gone but I wanted him to not care about me, in a way, I was mad at him but I didn’t know what for. But after Hannah was done talking and hugging me I sprinted to my car. I drove to the flat to find Louis in the kitchen making a cake that had the words “I love you Hazza” and when I turned to him he stood there staring at me with a huge smile stretched across his face. I said “yes I do” and Louis asked “What are you talking about” he had a look on his face  but then I think he got it in his head because “oh yea the cake I didn’t mean for you too see that yet.” But I didn’t care I went and but my bag in my room and took out a stuffed bunny that were wearing t-shirts that said “Hazza” and “Lou” but when I gave it to him he said “Thank you” that’s when I leanded in and kissed him gently on the lips. I was natural I didn’t without thinking,but Louis said “ I have been waiting for that my whole life” but that’s when the phone rang. It was Paul calling to see if Louis had found me yet and so I responded “this is harry and I have to go pee Goodbye” I had lied a bit but no one interrupts me and Lou’s alone time together. That’s when I herd the door to find the press standing there in my face. I closed the door and ran and jumped into Louis fragile comforting arms and I wanted to be there forever until my heart stops.

            Louis’ P.O.V.

When harry walked through the door I had no clue what to think. but what did go through my head was  the love of my life is standing there and all you do is stand there like a fool. We hugged and talked he told he had a gift for me. And I wasn’t expecting the bunnys but I did expect the kiss its what ive been waiting for my whole life and I finally got it for the person I adore the most. I wanted to do more but we kept having interruptions. I wanted harry I wanted him so badly. So I got up and handed him the cake and said “Harry ever since I meet you ive…ive been in love with you and just keeping it a secret but now ive told. Hazza your mine and will be forever. even when I die my heart will stop but my love for you wont.” I kissed him once more and swooped him off his feet and I wanted to keep him there forever. But when harry replied “I have felt the same way too since we meet in the bathrooms. I love you with all my heart Lou.” Then he kissed me again then we just stopped and that’s when I said “Will you go out with me Haz?” but when I got the answer I was shocked “Louis I had thought about and just don’t think its right if we don’t date” I had never felt so much joy in my life.

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