Just A girl

Lucy went out one day an somethig out of the ordinary happened when that day came she will never be lonely again


4. Yay and messege

Louis's Pov

  "Can't we just play truth or dare?" "YES" i shouted. Everyone went quiet "Harry truth or dare" "Dare" "I dare you to let everyone in this room hit you in the balls" i say mischeviously "okay" "OWW"Harry screamed. everyone cracked up laughing "okay Lucy truth or dare?" "Dare" "I dare you to go  play seven minutes in heaven with Zayn" as soon as Harry said that i got angry. "okay" Lucy said  they got up and went to the closet

Zayn's Pov 

       I cant believe i get to make out with her but what if she doesn't like me?



 Hey this is Emily im sorry i will try and post every other night or sooner so i hope you like this so far 


Love Emily

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