Just A girl

Lucy went out one day an somethig out of the ordinary happened when that day came she will never be lonely again


8. what happened last night

After what happened we all decided to go to Celerirty the best night club in all of England.

Lucys  Pov

We made it to Celerity and i noticed Louis wasn't acting himself.  walked over and he started crying into my shoulder. "louis whats wrong" E-E-Eleanor b-b-broke up w-with me" he said inbetween sobs " how about we get wasted  and forget about her" "HELL YES"

Next thing i knew was zayn undressing me in my bedroom.

*the next morning*

 all  i remmber from last night is being with louis. i get up and walk down stairs to hear singing coming from the bathroom. i would recognize that voice anywhere it was Zayn. "what happened last night" " Like you don't know" "cause i don't know" " omg you had sex with this random guy" "really " "no you had sex with me " "Liams gonna kill us " really he was way too drunk to function so if we keep it a seacret he won't find out" "im sorry but i can't keep that from my brother " "okay" with that i set off to liams room. i opened the door to find him playing call of duty so i joined in and started playing scince its my favorite game." hey Liam i have to tell you something but don't getma at zayn" shoot" ok zayn and i had sex " " Im going to kill him " all of a sudden we heard zayn laughing outside the door " why r u laghing your gonna die cause shes dreaming see " then i woke up to see the boys  laughing thats the one thing i will regret in this house. sleep. i looked in the mirror and found the boys written all these things on me. left arm: niall you sexy beast. right arm: zayn your so lush. left thigh: i tried to stop them. right thigh: I LOVE LIAM. forehead: give me your gravy harry left shin: louis you make us lol. " i hate you all how did you get this on me " you yelled " well we had liam come in and make sure you were wearing clothes but you weren't so we had liam dress you in a baggy shirt but someone forgot to put your bra and underwear on.  so we all wrote where we couldn't see anything bad. but we gots youd good" louis exclaimed "if you wrote this in perminate maker I WILL KILL YOU ALL" " oh but we did " " your all helping me get this off " you have to catch us first"

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