Just A girl

Lucy went out one day an somethig out of the ordinary happened when that day came she will never be lonely again


11. The Father

Liam's pov

 We headed to see who the father was.

after the tests

    " so Emily the father of the baby is........ Louis tomlinson"  I waited till we got home to say anything. we arived home in10 minutes. "louis im going to kill you .... oh hi Eleanor louis can i speak with you for a moment " "sure mate" we went outside. " do you know what you have done" "no what" "you got my bloody sister pegnant.'" what oh shit this is not good" " just to let you know if you do leave her and stay with eleanor i will personally kill you" " i promise i won't leave her but how im i suppose to tell eleanor."

Louis' pov

 ' eleanor can i talk to you" " sure baby" why does this have to be so hard " Eleanor im going to be a dad" ' wait but im not pregnant' " when you first broke up with me, me and Emily got drunk and i guess had sex. but i do actually love her and you but i love the baby too." " how could you louis" " jey we were over at that time so i didn't cheat but you did" " bye louis'

Emily's pov

" hey little slut thanks for sleeping with me boyfriend. your so lucky you have liam cause no one would actually care about you considering your a fat ugly whore that sleeps with anybody she can get with. your dad didn't rape you he was doing you a favor." " you bitch don't talk to my sisteer that way leave now and shes not the slut you are you slept with someone else while you were with louis  LEAVE NOW!!!!!" Louis came in and sat next to me trying to confort me and then zayn, niall, and harry came in wondering what was going on. Eleanor finally left and i decided to tell them what was happening." so i have to tell you something you harry. niall, and zayn." go on " talk" " ok i am pregnant" they sat their in shock until harry spoke " who is the father?"  " louis" i said in tears "louis how could you, you knew we had a crush on her." harry said. "im going to bed i can't deal with this " "its only 6 o clock " "i don't care"

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