Just A girl

Lucy went out one day an somethig out of the ordinary happened when that day came she will never be lonely again


10. Sick

2 weeks later

Emily' POV

     I woke up feeling horrible. I sprinted to the bathroom and threw up. Liam came running in and asked if i was alright. "no can we go to the doctors" "ok go get dressed and we will leave in five ok?" " ok"

 Five minutes later

We arived at the doctors office and was called in. " hello what can i do for you?" the doctor coed " i have been having really bad stomach aches" " ok we will do some ultrasounds " " ok" i laid down and and told liam to leave . I closed my eyes. "congradulations" "for what?"  "your pregnant about two weeks along " oh okay thank you goodbye' i said as i left the room. i started to cry on the way to the waiting room. Liam saw that i was crying  and gave me a hug. " whats wrong" " i will tell you when we get home " "ok" liam said

At home

 We went to my room. the boys were all still sleeping at the time. " okay tell me whats wrong" " I -I " ' come on Emily you can tell me anything " Liam said. here it goes " im pregnant"

Liam"s pov

"Im pegnant' emily said. that broke my heart. " do you know who the father is no can we go back to the doctors?" " yes lets go" 

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