Just A girl

Lucy went out one day an somethig out of the ordinary happened when that day came she will never be lonely again


2. Rescue Me

Lucy's Pov

               Dad just got home and wants tohave a beer. i serve jim the beer and he quickly walks away from me. 2 Hours later dad is fast asleep, so now i call liam tell him he can come early. I hear a tap on my window and i lock my door before leaving. i quickly let Liam in and give him my suit case. i finally relised how muched i miss him with me living in California and him living in London. "i missed you so much"i whisper "me too"he says and quickly grabs my suitcase and throws it out the window to his bandmates. we quickly go to the car and drive away and the next thing i knew we were on a private jet to London.


Louis Pov

              God she looks so beautiful. I have to have her, but wait i have Eleanor and shes my world.  I will have to choose,

Liam's Pov

 God I missed her so much. i have to talk to the boys. While she was sleeping i talked to the boys about her. "i must tell you boys if you even touch her by accident you will die, she is the thing in the world to me so dont do anything." i said. 5 minutes later she woke up and wanted to talk, luckily the boys were asleep. "i have to tell you something Liam" "yes"i said. "Well dad started something new to do with me" she said oh no what happened to my sister "you can tell me" i say to calm her "well he-he started to rape me-me "she said through sobs. " oh my gosh im so sorry Lucy, I promise to never let anyone hurt you while you stay with us" "us?" " yes you be staying with me and the boys at our house we already decorated your room and everything. you even have the master bedroom with your own bathroom" i said and suddenly a smiled appeared on her face.

Zayn's Pov

       She is the preittiest girl i have ever met. Her crystal blue eyes were amazing and her body was beautiful. I hope i can gether before any of the other boys. Her hair is this amazing shade of gold i could have ever seen. she only liked me.

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