Just A girl

Lucy went out one day an somethig out of the ordinary happened when that day came she will never be lonely again


7. My Best Friend

 Lucy's pov

         Today my friends and cousins that live in woleover. I love them like sisters and all of them love one direction.Lexis (alexis)and Vera were the first to show up. Their my cousins. then all my old friends showed up Livi (olivia),Juilianna, Emily, and Gabi. They were gonna surpries me with what were doing today. "were gonna do makeovers" gabi said "boys come up here please"i say "yes sister" "can you take a before picture of us  for our make overs" "yes everybody smile" we took the picture and started gabi was doing hair i was doing makeup and Livi was picking out the outfirts for tonight. the boys were talking us out for my birthday.Livi pick out a long lilac evening gown for me ,purple for her,green for Emily,pink for Vera, blue for gabi, red for juilianna, and black for lexis. gabi put all our hair in ringlets except for mine which was in an updo that looks like a bow tie on the back of my head. i don't know why but i feel like going to the club instead of going to a dinner

 Liams pov

How long does it take to get ready. they have been up there for 3 hours excactly. 10 mins later they finally came down.they look stunning i don't know why but i keep eyeing Emily in that green dress she had on.

Later at dinner i saw that louis and lucy were holding hands. that made me storm out of the restraurant.i heard lucy calling my name so i stopped and started to cry. she started to sooth me with her singing. she then held me and texted the guys to meet us at the house.



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