Just A girl

Lucy went out one day an somethig out of the ordinary happened when that day came she will never be lonely again


5. Its Not About The Money$$$$$$$$

  Lucy's Pov

            In 2 days it is my birthday, I wonder if Liam even remembers when it is? I can't wait.

2 Days Later

I woke up to the sound of singing by the boys singing happy birthday. "PRESENT TIME" Louis screamed. It was actually quite funny. "You Guys didn't have to get me anything" "too bad" Liam says. The order was harry, niall, louis, zayn, and liam. Harry got me # pairs of Anthropology Hight heels. Niall got me Dresses to go with the shoes.Louis got me a Great Dane puppy considering that my favorite breed was a great dane. Zayn got me a diamond necklace and a pair of earing that match.Then Liam got me ..........MAC!!!!!! and a new black Iphone 5 with a one direction case.I say this is the best birthday i have Ever had."What r you going to name the dog?" Harry said "I think Bosco" I said  "i don't think i can even except these thier to much money" "hay guess what it Not About The Money " they all said then started to sing Price Tag by Jessie J.

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