Just A girl

Lucy went out one day an somethig out of the ordinary happened when that day came she will never be lonely again


3. horses and animals

Lucy's Pov

               " Liam i was wondering if we could maybe buy me my horse and ship it to england here. I just cant live without Mac, he was the friend i never had. so could we?" i asked Liam, he knew i loved to ride horses. "We will try. For some reason we have a pastuer in our back yard." "So is that a yes?" " Yes." As soon as he said that a huge smile grew on my face.

We finally got to the house and the boys showed me my room. "do you like it?" "OH MY FUCKING GOD I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!" they all laughed at my reaction. It had a huge picture of Mac plastered on the wall and had neon green and liliac purple stripes on the others. i was so happy to be back.

Zayn's Pov

         I woke up to Lucy telling Liam how much she wanted her horse with her. That explains why she had a horse picture on her wall. I feel like i need her to live. I think we need to get her horse for her. I hope we get to have a horror movie night like we do every friday night like tonight and just to my luck we were.Then i get to hold her now

Harry's Pov

      To be honest i only think of Lucy as a best friend. I can tell Louis and Zayn really fancy her. I'm so happy right now cause its my turn to pick the movie on our horror night this week. Lucy i hope you know this is our horror movie night tonight."Liam siad to Lucy. as soon as Lucy heard the word horror she lock the door to her room and we stayed there until she came downstairs. We then grabed her and made her sit down and watch the movie, turns out she was just changing her clothes into pj's. "How about The Crazies ?" they all nodded except Lucy. "Can't we just play truth or dare?"


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