Just A girl

Lucy went out one day an somethig out of the ordinary happened when that day came she will never be lonely again


13. HOLY F*%K

 Still Zayn's POV

     My feelings are growing really strong about Emily. I get to see her naked but i didnt want to see her like this. "Alright Emily we have to get you undressed okay?" "Okay Zayn, and just to let you know you and Liam are the only two people I really trust in this house " "thats why you are the sweetest thing in the world." "thanks and im breaking up with louis" emily said. that made me so happy maybe me and her could finally have a relationship. "Okay come into the bathroom and we can get you cleaned up" i said with a smile and she smiled back. I carried her into the bathroom and i started to undress her. "Emily tell if it hurts okay?" "okay" I took off her top and couldn't stop starring at her chest. I then took off her bra and put it in the hamper. Then i took off her underwear because she already had her pants off.i then put her in the bathtub. "Emily, your so beautiful." "No im not i just had a fucken miscarrige im all bloody!!!" "Emily im sorry about what im about to do." i then kissed her after a couple of seconds she kissed me back that made me smile. 

Liams pov

I went to Louis' room to find him really drunk. "Mate have you gone mad" " No why do you ask" he slurred   "Because you just made my sister have a miscarrige because you punched her stomach really hard" "Oh my god i thought i punched harry" "Really you thought i was Harry" Emily said through gritted teeth. "Emily im so sorry i didn't mean to" Louis pleaded "No Louis we. are. through. im done with you stay out of my life." "okay fine fuck you bitch." we then rushed emily to get dressed so we could take her to the hospital. Then........

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