Just A girl

Lucy went out one day an somethig out of the ordinary happened when that day came she will never be lonely again


12. Hating You

 Emilys Pov

    * 3 Months later*

  Today I have another ultrasound. Louis and me finally get to find out if its a boy or girl. I really hope its a girl !!!!!! 

*At the doctors*

Okay are we ready to get started. said our doctor. "yes" Louis said. The doctor started and we were happy to find out it was a boy. 

*Back at the house*

Zayn's POV

     Im starting to be more supportive of Emily's decisions now that shes pregnant. But i still have feelings for her.

*Later that night*

I woke up to hearing Emily crying. I went into her room and found her covered in blood. I then woke Liam up but he said to not to wake the other boys. Liam and i went back into Emily's room to see what happened.

"He came in drunk and hit my stomach really hard" she said inbetween sobs "Liam we have to get her cleaned up to take her to the hospital " i said to Liam. "okay dude your going tohave to wash her off while i go question Louis." "Okay" I said to Liam.

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