Harry and Juilet

Juliet is 13 Years Old she Lives In Wales With Her Mom and Dad But When She Bumps Into Harry Styles From One Direction Harry Falls In Love with her but Juliet is UnderAge What will Happen When Juilets Mom And Dad Find Out


5. The Dream

Harry's P.O.V:

The next thing  I know is that my vision is going blurry. I cant see anything then I fall into a deep sleep.

I wake up. It see me, Juliet, Kyle and Juliet's mom in it. Juliet and I are in bed and she is asleep. then I turn my head and see Kyle sleeping. I set myself up on my arms and look at my surroundings. on Juliet's side of the bed and I see Juliet's mom. She is also up. She is crying. I get up attempting no not wake Juliet or Kyle up. I slowly walk over to Juliet's mom and try not to make any noise. "ma'am, are you ok?" She turns around exorcist  style and says "Harry right? My daughter has told me loads about you. but she didn't tell me one thing. WHY DID YOU KILL US?"  "uhh ma'am I didn't kill you tw- wait Juliet's not dead." just then I turn around and see Juliet's lifeless body hit the floor and Kyle is right behind her. then I turn back to Juliet's mom.  She is dead too. Rage fills my body "KYLE WHY DID YOU DO THIS YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE A HORRIBLE LIFE ALL ALONE AND NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU. NO ONE!!"I yell. "well if it isn't super famous harry styles. I was hoping you would ask that. I did this because it is right. A fat ugly bitch and her fat ugly mother deserve to die. they are just a disgrace to the world. No one like them deserve to live." he says so calmly and sure. "Kyle that's sick man. to kill two women just because they aren't attractive which I think they are. Juliet and her mom are both beautiful and fit even if they wernt that wouldn't matter they are people and it just isn't right. what would you do if some one killed you and your dad because that someone thought you guys were fat and ugly? that wouldn't be all that great would it?" just as I finish speaking I see Kyle run over to me and stab me. "thank you" I say "thank you" then I wake up it was a dream it was all a dream. thank god.

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