Harry and Juilet

Juliet is 13 Years Old she Lives In Wales With Her Mom and Dad But When She Bumps Into Harry Styles From One Direction Harry Falls In Love with her but Juliet is UnderAge What will Happen When Juilets Mom And Dad Find Out


4. The darkness

Juliet's P.O.V: 

i cant see anything. Its like darkness has engulfed me into its hating arms. Speaking of hating i wonder where Kyle is. I hope the police found him and arrested him. "Juliet, Juliet. Come here sweetie." I heard my mothers voice almost as fast as i saw her. "Mom?" I said "honey, come here. You'll never have to see that nasty Kyle again."  She said. But i wasn't worried about Kyle, i was worried that i would never see harry again. This was something i had to think about. 

Harrys P.O. V: 

i woke up to a flat beeping sound. Then i open my eyes and see a heart monitor. A FLAT HEART MONITOR! She was dying no this couldn't be happening. "Juliet, Juliet. Come here." Through my tears you could Barely hear what i was saying. "Juliet, Juliet. Come here sweetie." I said more clearer "honey, come here. You'll never have to see that nasty Kyle again" this time i lost it. Why hadn't any of the doctors rushed in yet? More weirdly why can i hear Juliet calling me her mom? It doesnt make any seance.  





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