Harry and Juilet

Juliet is 13 Years Old she Lives In Wales With Her Mom and Dad But When She Bumps Into Harry Styles From One Direction Harry Falls In Love with her but Juliet is UnderAge What will Happen When Juilets Mom And Dad Find Out


3. Kyle!!! NO!!

;Juilet'sPov:I walk to my house door and i hear a SCREAM! I quickly run into the house to see Kyle pointing a gun to my mum's head ''KYLE PLEASE DON'T KILL MY MUM PLEASE'' ''COME WITH ME OR I''LL KILL HER'' ''I'LL DO ANYTHING U WANT JUST PUT THE GUN DOWN'' Kyle grabs me and pulls me out the door my mum scream's JUILET I'M SORRY BABY I'LL FIND YOU ''MUM DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME! Kyle throws me into the car and drives off

Juliet'spov:What's he going to do to me I need to phone Harry dials Harry's number
Phone convo:
Juilet:Harry Help me I have been kidnapped by my ex boyfriend
Harry:Juilet omg babe where dose he live
Juilet:I don't want you to get hurt ahhhh no Kyle get the fuck off me
Kyle:Hello!! Who the Fuck is this
Harry:This is Juilet's BoyFriend Harry and you can't run I have phoned the police and they have tracked the phone they are coming for you
Kyle:You shouldn't of done that (BANG)
Harry:What did you do to her!
Kyle:I shot her

Police come barging in the house
With Harry

Harry'sPov:I Rush to her side "Juilet can you hear me" "Harry" the paramedics put Juliet on a screecher can I come with "sure" I hop into the ambulance

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