Harry and Juilet

Juliet is 13 Years Old she Lives In Wales With Her Mom and Dad But When She Bumps Into Harry Styles From One Direction Harry Falls In Love with her but Juliet is UnderAge What will Happen When Juilets Mom And Dad Find Out


1. just a normal day


Juilets Pov: Mum Shouts Juilet Get Out of bed now!! I hop out of bed and put my red Jeans on and my zebra Shirt on and my toms i put a little lipsick on and i walk out the door for my first day back school in Year 9 (Grade9) in Wales we are in High School form year 7 till year 12 or 11 if you like to go to Collage or Uni i don't know yet what i'm going to be yet i'd like to be a year 1 and 2 Teacher Because i just Love Kids i Bump into someone i fall over ow my Ankle are you ok Love i Hear i British Voice say i look up and its Harry Styles From One Direction yeah i'm ok he grabs my hand and pulls me up he asks My Name My Name is Juilet he's eyes are so Dreamy i think i have fallen for this boy 

Harrys Pov: I was Talking to the Boys and someone bumps into me and falls over and i look down and say you ok Love yeah i'm ok She says so whats your name? she replies with Juilet nice name i say she's Really Beautiful I slip my Number into her back pocket and kiss her on her cheek i Whisper in her ear Call me we could go out sometime and she walks off

Juilet walks to school and puts Harrys number in her phone Kyle Walks up to her Kyle is Juilets Ex Boyfriend Juilet just runs the other way Kyle did some Harsh things to Juilet Juilet hates Kyle for what he did he Did not let Juilet do anything 

KylesPov:i sing a song to her Fat Slut your ugly as hell you will never a boyfreind all my Friend's Laugh and she run's off Crying

JuiletsPov:I want to die as i find a glass on the floor and Cut mySelf with it i go for my Belly and someone Stop's me and it's Harry Styles Again no let go of me i want to die i'm a Fat Ugly Bitch i say 

''No Your not who Would say such a Words like that to you''

''Kyle said it my Ex Boyfriend said it ok let me die i can't live if he's back in town''

''Come with me lets Go and put a Plaster on your wrist''

Juilets pov: I Get up and walk with him OW i say my Ankle hurts from Before Harry picks me up Gawd he's Strong he take's me to his hotel and puts me on the couch he Cleans my cut and puts a Plaster over it and Kissis me on the Cheek i look into his Eyes and give him a Kiss on the Lips Next we are Making out he sticks his Tongue in my Mouth i Whisper you only know we just met a hour ago 

''Juilet Would you like to be my girlfriend''

''Yes I Love You

Harry'sPov:Juilet just told me she loves me and we only just met i love her very much













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