Harry and Juilet

Juliet is 13 Years Old she Lives In Wales With Her Mom and Dad But When She Bumps Into Harry Styles From One Direction Harry Falls In Love with her but Juliet is UnderAge What will Happen When Juilets Mom And Dad Find Out


2. Dads Murder


Harry'sPov:I see Juilet sleeping and i cover her with a blanket and go to meet the boys 


JuiletsPov:Ring Ring i hear my phone ring oh SHIT Mum i pick it up Hello ''Juilet where are you its Dad'' ''What Mum what's happened'' ''he's dead he's been Murdered'' i start to cry ''No mum this cant be true it can't be true'' Mum starts crying and i hang up in tears 

KylesPov:I Just Murdered Juilets Dad to give her pain lots of pain haha i laugh to myself next it will be her Mum then her 

HarrysPov:When i got home i see Juilet crying her eyes out Whats wrong with her ''Juilet Whats Wrong Babe'' ''It's my Dad he's been Murdered'' I go and comfort her ''I have to go back home to see my mum to hope shes ok she''  would you like me to drive you home i say she nods with tears in her eyes i drive her home and she walks out of the car and kissis me on the cheek ''Bye Love you''

AN:Sorry it was a short Chapter i need time i have a lot to do with school i'm really sorry 





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