Introduction to Ethereans

A short intro into my characters. It is a lot to explain, and I don't like explaining everything again once I write a story.


1. Intro


             Ethereans are an arcane race. They are born of, and can freely utilize magic through instinct, rather than learned skills. Ethereans are “born” through a process of creation, carried out by The Creator, a father like entity to the other Ethereans. Instead of Ethereans being created all the time, they are created in “lumps” of 100 to 1000, and these “lumps” are called generation. While considered a race, the Ethereans are more like a large family, each generation consist of brothers and sisters, while older generations would be older siblings, and newer generations would be younger siblings, while The Creator takes the position of (an absent) parent. There are currently 3 generation that I work with.

             Ethereans are nearly immortal, and to date only one Etherean has ever missed The Reunion (a ritual where The Creator returns, spirits away the old generation, and creates the new one). However, when created they are just barely as capable as a 2 year old human child. Capable of certain simple tasks, but all together harmless and weak. For the first 50 years of life, they must live as mortal children would, they eat, sleep, play, explore, and are generally obnoxious as one might expect. They are watched over by 1 member of the previous generation, who is chosen, or volunteers, to remain behind. As an example, for the 3rd generation, this role is held by The Keeper. As the Etherean children approach the age of 50, they begin to develop their powers. These powers first manifest themselves by taking over important functions of the body, such as eating or sleeping, and making them no longer necessary. This is also the point where they receive their titles, which I shall explain in the next paragraph. As their powers develop, they begin to form a unique style with which they use them, The Observer, for instance, utilizes his powers to help him hide, and defends himself only when required. While The Guardian uses his to defend those he thinks need or deserve it. With this unique style, the Ethereans also begin to explore their world in more detail, and start crafting their weapons, clothes, and develop their character which defines them for an eon. Each Etherean has his own style, For instance, The Guardian and The Devourer prefer light leather like armor and swords, while The Observer relies on chimera hide robes and an enchanted dagger.

            Ethereans have two forms of identification. One of them is a name, given at their creation by The Creator. These names are seen as sacred among the Ethereans, and are never given out idly. Invocation of the name can sometimes lead to grand consequences. However, they still need some way to identify each other, and this is where their titles come in. It is often chosen by each individual Etherean, but sometimes is earned through some act around the age of fifty.

            Many might wonder about the Ethereans power source. The best way I could figure out to describe it is to imagine a miniature fountain, spitting out an infinite amount of water. Now stick the fountain into the Ethereans, and change the water to the source of their power. It is self-replenishing and can be stored to infinite amounts, or used all at once causing a flame out (essentially causing death for the Etherean). When an Etherean finds it necessary to call upon vast amounts of their power, they enter a form where they can tap into not only the power spewed from this fountain, but also power that has not yet escaped it. This final form allows them to control infinite power for a short amount of time. However, it also causes a flame out unless the Etherean can find an alternate source of power for their bodies to survive on. Notable exceptions lurk in some of the less powerful Ethereans. They can assume this final form for short periods of time, and still resist flame out, mainly because they cannot use enough power within this short amount of time to kill them. Typically this ability is directly linked to the level of power the Etherean commands. The more powerful the Etherean, the less time that can be spent in his or her final form before a flame out will occur.

             Etherean magic comes in two categories. 'minor' magics, and 'major' magics. Minor magics are typically focused spells, often only effecting one target or a small area. The opposite is true with major magics, they are often unfocused, very powerful, but cannot be used to target specific individuals.

            All Ethereans have some form of telekinetic power. Whether it be enough to lift a stone, or to control a thousand pieces of razor sharp glass in a symphony of death.

           Most Ethereans can also use a form of hyperkinesis. Allowing them to plot out entire fights within their minds, and make rational decisions while fighting with swords and bows. Often the more magically inclined Ethereans have little, or even no, hyperkinetic abilities. They make up for this typically with their mastery over major magics. Why worry about a fight when you can just blow everything near you up.

        That's all for now. I might make a 2nd edition if I add anything else. And look for my first story that I post here soon. It will be titled 'The Observer's Tale.' I already have it written, but gotta get it into the movella.

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