Torn (Another World Trilogy, Second Book)

Niall and Serena are the happy couple. Serena met Niall on a holiday in Hawaii with her best friends. Back from a whole summer together, they are moving in with each other. But with Serena impregnated, and with all the paparazzi, will they be torn apart?
And someone's got their eye on Niall's girl...or is it just one person?

*A/N: Sequel to Another World. If you have not read Another World, then you will probably not get this!! Starla x


1. Home Sweet Home

Serena's P.O.V

We parked in front of my house at about 10:30. I had cancelled the taxi back from the airport, and I had ringed my parents explaining the situation. They sounded pretty excited down the phone. Maybe they were happy to let go of me? Or maybe they were happy because I was pregnant? I looked at Niall. He seemed really nervous. "Niall, they won't bite, I promise. My dad's a teddy bear and my mum, she wouldn't hurt a fly. I swear it's going to be okay." I said, kissing him sweetly on the lips and stepping out of the Volvo. Suddenly the front door of my house and running out came my mum Janet, my dad Neil, my 14 year old sister Jenna, and my twin 6 year old brothers Charlie and Michael. "Mija! How are you?!" my mum cried, running towards me and giving me a huge hug, with all the others joining in, creating a massive group hug. "We're fine mama. All three of us." As I said that Niall got out of the car. My mum ran up to him and gave him a mama bear hug. Niall seemed startled, until they all crowded around for a hug. Then he looked downright frightened. After 5 minutes of compliments and questions, we all got through the front door. Suddenly, a wave of tiredness crept through me. "Do you want a cup of tea, love?" Niall called from the kitchen as I sat myself down on the worn, purple couch. "Yes please, babe." I said, as I lay down, looking around the room. It was only last summer that I was in this room all the time, checking up on my Twitter on the laptop, or watching TV. I think about Niall as I slowly drift to sleep.

Niall's P.O.V

I walked into the living room with 2 cups in my hand, to find my girlfriend asleep on the purple couch. I chuckled, setting the 2 cups down on the coffee table and sitting down on the matching purple armchair. I turned to look at Serena. She looked so beautiful when she slept. Well, I mean she was always beautiful. I was so lucky to have her. I switched on the TV, and The X Factor was on. I settled down and watched it, still keeping an eye on Serena.

***************************5 hours later*******************************

Serena's P.O.V

I woke up in a daze. Niall was sitting beside me, slumped into a deep sleep. I chuckled groggily, and got up to open the curtains. A flash of bright sunlight shone into the room. I heard Niall stir from behind me. "Morning mija!" I said, walking over to give him a big hug. He looked at me. "You know, you would never have guessed you were half Latin." he mumbled. He was right. I had pale skin and bright red hair. I couldn't have been more English. I smiled. We got up and got changed in about 10 minutes, and then went out to the car. "I think my family have gone to the beach." I said, chuckling as I only just noticed the Post-it Note stuck on Niall's forehead. It was from my family, explaining where they had gone. We hurried to our new condo to meet the delivery truck there. The condo was massive, with 6 bedrooms (so that the boys and the girls would be able to stay over), 1 main bathroom, and 7 en suites. There was also a game room, and an indoor home cinema. It also had a nursery room, where our baby would go. It was perfect. We pulled up in the drive, noticing the delivery truck pulled up behind us. Niall went out and greeted them, while I walked up the stone paved path to the lilac front door. I walked into the cream colored hallway. I stepped along the hardwood floor and started walking around the house. The kitchen had a modern feel to it, with marble flooring and worktops, the living rooms were purple, and the bathrooms were blue. Louis, Zayn, Harry, Liam and the girls chose their bedroom colors when we bought the house. They were so excited for us. I smiled, recalling the memory. I climbed the stairs, and found myself in the 'bedroom territory' as Niall called it. Louis and Gemma's room was orange, as they are both nuts about carrots, Harry and Bella's was sunshine yellow, Zayn and Vala's were lilac because of Vala's eyes. I thought that was really sweet. Liam and Abby's room was a lovely shade of turquoise. I walked into me and Niall's room. It was the perfect shade of green, with a balcony. It was perfect for singing with my guitar. Yup, you guessed it, I could sing. Well, I guessed so. But the girls were fantastic. We created a band, called A Whole New Direction. We even made a YouTube account. And we have our fair share of followers too. They call themselves 'Unicorns' because I said I love unicorns in the first introduction video we posted. I grinned. Then I walked into the baby's room, that was connected to our bedroom. It was quite big, and the walls were cream, so we could decide on the color based on the gender. I sighed. It was perfect. "Serena! You can come unpack some stuff now!" Niall called from downstairs. This was it. We were moving in.

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