Torn (Another World Trilogy, Second Book)

Niall and Serena are the happy couple. Serena met Niall on a holiday in Hawaii with her best friends. Back from a whole summer together, they are moving in with each other. But with Serena impregnated, and with all the paparazzi, will they be torn apart?
And someone's got their eye on Niall's girl...or is it just one person?

*A/N: Sequel to Another World. If you have not read Another World, then you will probably not get this!! Starla x


2. Author's Note

Hey my Unicorns! Thanks for all the support with the last book! You were so amazing! I have some news!

From now on, the story will carry on with just Serena and the girl's P.O.V. It's a lot of hard work to do 10 people! 


Love you all! Starla x

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